What can you expect when you come to Crown Gold Exchange?

You’ll be greeted by our friendly and experienced buying professional and be asked to join them at their buying station. From there you can show the professional what items you are interested in selling and they will be laid out on the desk right in front of you. Our buyer will guide you through the process and show you the different tests they will be performing from start to finish. From there they will weigh your items and give you a highest price promise with absolutely no pressure to sell. If you agree to the price then you’ll get paid instantly in the store.

Why sell to Crown Gold Exchange?

Our company operates with the highest level of integrity and we do everything we can to let our customer know they are being offered the highest price possible in a relaxing environment. These are some of the best reasons our 50,000 + customers have sold to us over the years.

  • Never any pressure to sell
    If you are reluctant to sell your items because the sentimental value of your piece means more to you, or you don’t like the offer, no problem. We will always be here when you are ready or if you change your mind. Furthermore, our buying professionals don’t receive any additional compensation depending on how much they buy, so they are always on YOUR side.
  • There’s no appointment necessary
    Come in any time during business hours and our professionals will be ready to help you. Most transactions take less than 10 minutes, but if you have a large collection, they will take as much time as needed to properly evaluate your items to give you the best price.
  • Highest price promise
    We consistently shop our competition to ensure we are paying the highest around. On top of that, we will match or beat any legitimate offer for your gold and silver jewelry.
  • We have a huge number of locations
    With 18 locations, our customers know that we are here to stay. Don’t mail your gold in to a place you found on the internet. Come in to a physical location and speak face to face with a real person. Customer service has never been this good!
  • Everything is tested right in front of you
    We never take your items out of your sight until we purchase them. We do all of our evaluations at the desk so you know exactly what’s going on. Don’t trust any gold buyer that plays back-room shenanigans.
  • Safe and secure locations
    Our stores are open during daylight hours in our brightly lit facilities in good shopping centers so you can feel comfortable walking into and out of our stores. You won’t find us on the back alley of a run-down building.
  • 5 star customer reviews
    Our customers have said some amazing things about us when compared to other gold buyers. You won’t believe some of the horror stories we have heard about other gold buyers. We encourage our customers to leave us a review of their experience whether it’s good or bad. Any negative review is taken very seriously and we do our best to make the situation right.
  • We have an “A” rating with the better business bureau and are members of several local Chamber of Commerce chapters.
  • Best Customer Service
    On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the highest, our buying professionals want to make your experience a 10 every single time. Whether it’s your first time or if you have been here many times before, we are committed to making this as easy as possible for our customers while ensuring the highest payout around.
  • Free evaluations
    This should go without saying but many desperate gold buyers are now charging just to evaluate your gold. Don’t be fooled. It should cost you nothing to have your items evaluated.

Our buying process is as simple as three easy steps

1. Bring your unwanted, broken, and estate jewelry as well as silverware, coins, and diamonds to Crown Gold Exchange.
2. Our friendly and experienced professionals will evaluate and weigh your items right in front of you.
3. We make you an offer for your items and you get paid instantly in the store. It’s that simple!