What We Buy











  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Chains
  • Earrings
  • Gold Watches
  • Cufflinks
  • Key Chains
  • Money Clips
  • Brooches
  • Charms and Lockets
  • Class Rings
  • Dental Gold
  • Gold flakes and nuggets
  • Gold and silver coins and medals
  • Gold and silver bars and bullion
  • Gold Statues
  • Any kind of platinum
  • Silver candelabras
  • Silver tea sets and sterling flatware

…plus much more!

* Please note that we do not buy gold plated or gold filled items as the amount of gold is too small to have any real cash value.


High Price Guarantee

Although we already have one of the highest payouts in the country, you are further protected by our Guarantee. We’ll beat any legitimate offer by 10%.

*Diamonds and Bullion not included.

What Do We Buy?

Crown Gold Exchange exceeds the industry standard when paying for your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, coins, bullion, and jewelry.

Step 1

Visit one of our local locations or sell your gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, coins, or diamonds through our free mail in service.

Step 2

Our experts will then examine your items. Our in store specialists will also educate you on how our tests are conducted so you can be confident with our evaluation.

Step 3

You will then be written a check or offered cash on the spot. We are a 100% committed to offering you the most cash for your items.

Cash For Gold Blythe

Have the Biggest Cash for Gold Offer in Blythe, California

When you need cash for gold, whether to settle payments or for any other reason, you can take your unnecessary gold to the expert buyers at Crown Gold Exchange near Blythe, CA. Our group will provide you with an enjoyable trading experience without all the pressure of the other buyers. So when you need cash now, waste no time and take your unwanted gold items to us today.

Gold Buyer Blythe

By talking to one of our gold purchasers, it will help you to learn the price of your gold these days. We will assist you during the assessment procedure, ensuring that you know in every step of the procedure. When the entire appraisal is completed, we offer you with propose amount of money together with our cash for gold guarantee that is 110%. If you wish to have the most reasonable cash for your gold pieces, you must carry it to our Blythe CA store now.

Sell Gold Blythe

Financial struggles might have you in a scenario with the need to sell gold you possess. The team of purchaser at Crown Gold Exchange is well prepare to aid you in obtaining the biggest achievable payment if you’re under such circumstances. Our Company features a great amount of cash with our 110% payroll for gold guarantee and streamlined payments every day. Stop in now with all your gold and we will make a totally free money deal immediately.

Cash For Silver Blythe

If you are searching for a the most easy gold or silver exchange firm in Blythe, California that operates seven days a week, you would never go wrong with Crown Gold Exchange. We’re always here to appraise your silver and rest assured we’ll do the rest of the entire trading process. The truthfulness of our employees in doing their job will help you speed up the selling process for more ease. Acquire for your free of charge cash offer now by going to the nearest Crown Exchange office.

Silver Buyer Blythe

With the assistance of the ideal silver purchasers, you can acquire more cash as opposed to others will give you. Selling silver isn’t always a simple process with the wrong purchasers, but the perfect buyer will make it easy, smooth and profitable. Our company will aid in creating the easiest measures there is and will give you the abilities to market your silver for the greatest payment there will be. Come in today and permit us reveal to you how simple it is to sell silver.

Blythe Sell Silver

The frustration you are struggling today from financial difficulties might give you a thought to sell your silver pieces for a quick cash. In case this event occur, the Crown Gold Exchange near to Blythe, CA will make sure that you have the most reasonable cash for your pieces. We encourage you to look around and take us the top offer you obtain. Our purchasers will give you at least 10% more cash for your silver, putting more cash in your pocket. Check us out now to get an assessment without charge.

Cash For Platinum Blythe

Whenever a financial emergency happens, one of the fastest option you can carry out to acquire money is to sell your platinum. We pay cash for platinum items seven days a week and our buyers never force you to trade. Thus, you will really be pleased with our cash offers since we up-date payouts daily and we have the expert purchasers at the same time. Stop in today with your platinum and let’s provide a cost-free evaluation.

Platinum Buyer Blythe

With professional platinum buyers on staff, we’re prepared to provide you the most cash possible for your unwanted items. Whether you would like to sell an old engagement ring or any other item of platinum jewelry, we can pay you cash on the spot. You do not need to worry about the price of your platinum since our buyers are all updated about the current value of platinum jewelries and use a 110% cash guarantee. Just carry every excess platinum jewelry now and check out our closest shop for a free evaluation.

Sell Platinum Blythe

Occasionally, you will have to have cash and one choice is to sell platinum. Or maybe, you are now wanting to buy a new piece of jewelry because you don’t want to use your old platinum again. Whatever your reason for selling, we’re prepared to help you have the most cash for your precious platinum. When you deal with ou Blythe California location, you will take pleasure in the selling process because we never coerce you to trade. So stop dawdling. Deal with us right now!

Blythe Cash For Jewelry

During hard times and you’re financially challenged, your easy way out will be reselling your jewelries. Our buyers provide money for jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and with diamonds regardless of the condition. It could be busted, damaged, out dated, mismatched or in great condition and we’ll still give you cash on the spot. Come into our Blythe CA location now for your free assessment.

Blythe Jewelry Buyer

In Crown Gold Exchange near to Blythe, CA, we offer buyers that are willing to help you in trading all types of jewelry. We don’t offer a fuss if your items are destroyed, inequitable or old. Our team of buyers will still provide you with the most reasonable money for your discarded jewelry. Visit our nearest area now and have an assessment for free.

Blythe Sell Jewelry

We know jewelry occasionally comes with a sentimental worth, but when your items have lost the sentimental value, we will still pay you money. If you think it’s the perfect time to get them bought, then we are the best you’ve got to provide you with the best offer. Regardless if you are selling it for emergency needs or personal reasons, don’t hesitate of bringing them to us and we will evaluate them right on the spot in Blythe.

Cash For Diamonds Blythe

The cash for diamonds will be ample enough for your needs. Our group of experts will give you much more for your diamond jewelry than any other buyers. Call us now if you intend to know the right value for your diamonds and you will find a free cash offer. Get the top cash for diamond payouts in Blythe, California.

Diamond Buyer Blythe

When you have one-half carat diamonds or bigger that you find worth selling, you can always sell them at Crown Gold Exchange near Blythe, CA. We are certified diamond pros that you can always depend whenever selling diamonds because compared with other jewelry exchange companies, we price your diamonds to the biggest rate attainable. We do ask that you call ahead for a consultation. This helps to make certain we can offer you a pro for your appraisal.

Sell Diamonds Blythe

Diamonds are the most costly gemstone on earth. These rare pieces of jewelry can assist you put additional cash in your pocket than any other type of jewelry. And we’re here to buy your diamonds at a higher cash offer. When you have some diamond jewelry in your house that you find worth trading for, you can always get in touch with our certified diamond experts for a cost-free consultation in Blythe California.
Of all the kinds of jewelry, it is the diamond that purchasers see as the most difficult one to buy because most of them don’t know the proper evaluation for it. When you need to sell diamonds near Blythe, California, our group of accredited diamond experts will fully appraise your items before assigning a worth. Contact today and arrange your appointment with one of our pros.

Cash For Coins Blythe

Our team of buyers likes to pay cash for coins and we get it done seven days weekly at a convenient location. Whether you purchased coins years ago as an investment or you just have to sell a part of your collection, we’re able to assist. Take all of the gold and silver coin to us to avail for a totally free assessment now. Get cash for your coins in Blythe, soon.

Coin Buyer Blythe

The coin purchasers at Crown Gold Exchange around Blythe, CA, will present you the most cash feasible for your unnecessary coins. Outdated half-dollars, quarters, dimes and nickels were created with 40% to 90% silver and are worth far more than the face value. These coins, together with .999 pure silver and gold coins will get a nice cash price. Take all your unneeded coins together and take them to the shop today.

Blythe Sell Coins

The buyers we offer you will help you through the entire procedure to sell coins. It won’t take long to assess each coin and we will explain each aspect of the procedure so that you fully understand what’s going on. When you’re set to sell coins, you can trust the professionals we provide. They guarantee of giving a 110%cash for coins guarantee and will quickly outmatch some other contenders. Stop in now for your free cash offer. Sell coins in Blythe California, today.