What We Buy











  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Chains
  • Earrings
  • Gold Watches
  • Cufflinks
  • Key Chains
  • Money Clips
  • Brooches
  • Charms and Lockets
  • Class Rings
  • Dental Gold
  • Gold flakes and nuggets
  • Gold and silver coins and medals
  • Gold and silver bars and bullion
  • Gold Statues
  • Any kind of platinum
  • Silver candelabras
  • Silver tea sets and sterling flatware

…plus much more!

* Please note that we do not buy gold plated or gold filled items as the amount of gold is too small to have any real cash value.


High Price Guarantee

Although we already have one of the highest payouts in the country, you are further protected by our Guarantee. We’ll beat any legitimate offer by 10%.

*Diamonds and Bullion not included.

What Do We Buy?

Crown Gold Exchange exceeds the industry standard when paying for your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, coins, bullion, and jewelry.

Step 1

Visit one of our local locations or sell your gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, coins, or diamonds through our free mail in service.

Step 2

Our experts will then examine your items. Our in store specialists will also educate you on how our tests are conducted so you can be confident with our evaluation.

Step 3

You will then be written a check or offered cash on the spot. We are a 100% committed to offering you the most cash for your items.

Cash For Gold Colton

In Crown Gold Exchange close to Colton, CA, you have the opportunity to swap your gold, silver, platinum, jewelry and coins for money. Whenever you need money in replace for gold, you can guarantee that you can depend on our professional buyers to provide you with an immediate offer whenever you go to us. Every day we purchase gold and our personnel gives a pleasurable trading experience without worrying regarding all the demands of other competitors. Visit our place today to get complimentary appraisal.

Gold Buyer Colton

By talking to one of our gold buyers, it will assist you to learn the price of your gold in the present day. We will assist you during the evaluation procedure, ensuring that you are aware in every step of the process. When the entire evaluation is completed, we provide you with propose sum of money along with our cash for gold assurance that is 110%. If you would like to have the most reasonable money for your gold pieces, you must carry it to our Colton CA store today.

Sell Gold Colton

Right now, it’s tougher to trade your gold at a bigger value. But with us, you can always ensure that you will get the biggest offer in trading your gold items. We can offer you an additional of at least 10% on the initial selling price of your gold, making it a total of 110% cash for gold, and it’s an assurance.. After walking you through the entire selling procedure, we will expand a free cash offer. So give it a try and get your cost-free appraisal today.

Cash For Silver Colton

If you are searching for a the most simple gold or silver exchange firm in Colton, CA that operates seven days a week, you would never go wrong with Crown Gold Exchange. We are always here to assess your silver and be assured we’ll do the rest of the entire trading process. The sincerity of our staffs in performing their job will assist you accelerate the trading process for more comfort. Get for your free cash offer now by going to the closest Crown Exchange office.

Colton Silver Buyer

The silver buyers we provide understand exactly how to take care of you when you really need to sell silver. We guide you all through the process and provide you with the most money possible. You’re a part of the process and we make sure you understand what we’re doing and why. Pay us a visit in Colton CA if you want to sell off silver to a buyer that understands the business.

Sell Silver Colton

The frustration you are suffering today from financial problems might provide you with a thought to trade your silver pieces for a fast cash. In case this incident occur, the Crown Gold Exchange close to Colton, California will that you get the most reasonable cash for your pieces. We give you support to search more in the area and tell us the largest offer given to you. Our buyers will provide you with at least 10% more cash for your silver pieces, giving you more money to take home. Visit us now to get an evaluation for free.

Colton Cash For Platinum

Obtaining money for platinum is easy, but getting a payout you can feel good about accepting requires the right buyer. With our strict guarantee and the knowledge of our purchasers, you’ll feel comfortable selling your unnecessary platinum to us. Pay a visit to our nearest place right now and find out exactly why we are the very best in the business.

Colton Platinum Buyer

Our platinum buyers provide a different experience for your selling needs. You can be certain that we will always be by your side to let you know and comprehend every detail of the process. Immediately after conducting an assessment with your object, our group of professional buyers will then provide you with cash in the maximum amount possible. If you wish to sell your platinum, then visit us now and bring it with you. 110% cash for platinum guarantee will be directed at you instantaneously.

Sell Platinum Colton

Platinum is considered as among the countless precious metals in the world and when there comes a moment that you need cash so badly then you can trade platinum for a great deal of money. Here in Crown Gold Exchange Colton, California, we can provide you the greatest assessment ever compared to other competitors that we have in the area. We also sure to help you in the entire gold selling method. Our group won’t pressure you to sell, but if you’re all set, you can walk away with money today.

Colton Cash For Jewelry

When you’re ready to sell jewelry, the buyers at Crown Gold Exchange near Colton, CA, are ready to offer you money. We buy all types of jewelry with convenient hours, seven days a week. The buyers we personnel are pleased to guide you get the most for gold, silver, platinum and jewelry made with diamonds. If you own pieces you don’t wear, bring them in now for a generous cash payment.

Jewelry Buyer Colton

Jewelry buyers in Colton California don’t often value your goods correctly as they do not understand enough about the market. Thankfully, our team of buyers and professional staffs can give you the correct value for your items considering that they are trained skillfully. If you own jewelry that’s just gathering dust, we will help you obtain the most cash for it feasible.

Colton Sell Jewelry

Either you want to trade jewelry that is made of platinum or gold, we are here to help you to be able to get the money you want. Our group of buyers is aware of you need the most cash feasible and we always offer more than our competitors do. We have cash for jewelry assurance that is 110% that will let you to trade to us with assurance. Bring all your pieces and take them to us now, along with any earlier offers.

Colton Cash For Diamonds

Acquiring cash for diamonds provides you with exactly what you require. No other buyers can give you a higher amount for your diamond jewelry but our team of professionals. If you need to find out how much your diamonds can be worth and you need a free cash offer, you need to give us a call today to schedule your appointment. Get the top cash for diamond payouts in Colton, CA.

Colton Diamond Buyer

The diamond purchasers in most markets undervalue items all the time. Nonetheless, when you choose buyers certified in evaluating diamonds, just like our purchasers, you receive a bigger money payment for any diamond jewelry you wish to sell. Our team of pros accepts any diamonds one-half carat in size or later. Hence, call us today so you can talk to one of our professionals before your diamonds will be assessed.

Colton Sell Diamonds

Diamonds are worth much more than some other gemstone on the planet. These rare pieces of jewelry can assist you put more cash in your wallet than any other kind of jewelry. And we are here to buy your diamonds at a bigger cash offer. Just contact one of our accredited diamond professionals and arrange an appointment for a free appraisal.
Diamonds are one of the hardest forms of jewelry to trade for a fair offer because most purchasers don’t know how to properly evaluate diamond jewelry. We have a team of certified diamond experts who will assess the diamond items you want to sell in Colton, CA properly and fairly. Contact today and schedule your consultation with one of our professionals.

Colton Cash For Coins

We take more than just jewelry at Crown Gold Exchange near Colton, CA. Coins made from silver and gold can also be bought to us. Some coins are worth far more than the face value as they are made with .999 pure gold or silver. Buying coins and giving the biggest amount of cash for coins is what we enjoy doing in this type of market. Check us out today when you have several coins you want to trade and have a free of charge cash offer.

Colton Coin Buyer

We offer a coins guarantee of 110% cash providing our customers with the greatest value for their items. We will offer money the second you trade your coins regardless if it is made from 90% silver or pure gold coins. We always make certain that you get the maximum cash amount for your unnecessary coins. We up-date our payouts daily and beat the offers of others. Have our cost-free cash offer. Check us out today!

Sell Coins Colton

The purchasers we provide you will help you through the entire method to sell coins. Evaluating each coin wont consume considerable time and we will enlighten you in all the areas of the method so that you’ll know what has been going on. When you’re all set to sell coins, you can rely on the professionals we present. They assure of giving a 110%cash for coins guarantee and will quickly outmatch some other competitors. Stop by today for your free money deal. Sell coins in Colton California, today.