What We Buy











  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Chains
  • Earrings
  • Gold Watches
  • Cufflinks
  • Key Chains
  • Money Clips
  • Brooches
  • Charms and Lockets
  • Class Rings
  • Dental Gold
  • Gold flakes and nuggets
  • Gold and silver coins and medals
  • Gold and silver bars and bullion
  • Gold Statues
  • Any kind of platinum
  • Silver candelabras
  • Silver tea sets and sterling flatware

…plus much more!

* Please note that we do not buy gold plated or gold filled items as the amount of gold is too small to have any real cash value.


High Price Guarantee

Although we already have one of the highest payouts in the country, you are further protected by our Guarantee. We’ll beat any legitimate offer by 10%.

*Diamonds and Bullion not included.

What Do We Buy?

Crown Gold Exchange exceeds the industry standard when paying for your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, coins, bullion, and jewelry.

Step 1

Visit one of our local locations or sell your gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, coins, or diamonds through our free mail in service.

Step 2

Our experts will then examine your items. Our in store specialists will also educate you on how our tests are conducted so you can be confident with our evaluation.

Step 3

You will then be written a check or offered cash on the spot. We are a 100% committed to offering you the most cash for your items.

Laguna Niguel Cash For Gold

Trade Gold for Money in Laguna Niguel CA

We purchase gold, silver, platinum, coins and jewelry at Crown Gold Exchange near to Laguna Niguel, California. The group of purchasers we’ve got is prepared to help you throughout the trading process and will make a kind offer for your unnecessary pieces. If you should cash for gold, we can help you acquire the most possible. Check us out right now and learn how much cash we can present to you.

Laguna Niguel Gold Buyer

Obviously, we have expert gold buyers. When your items are already evaluated, we will then give you a reasonable price and it’s up to you to take or reject it. We are actually not pressuring our clients to sell their gold in case you don’t still make a decision. Feel free to gather up all those unwanted jewelries now and avail on our free evaluation..

Sell Gold Laguna Niguel

You can get the bucks that you ought to get whenever you sell gold to our trusted buyers. We make use of a 110% cash for gold guarantee other than regularly updating our payouts. It simply implies that at least 10%, we can outdo all offers from others. So, take advantage of our free consultation today and take your items.

Cash For Silver Laguna Niguel

Having cash from your old silver jewelry and coins is a wonderful way to generate income. Our team of professional buyers will allow you to have more cash for silver than from any purchaser. We’ve got a daily up to date payout that can allow you to get the most from your unnecessary silver products. To be informed, find us right now.

Laguna Niguel Silver Buyer

The most accurate silver buyers in Laguna Niguel, CA will always offer you more cash compared to those people who are just glancing to make earnings on your pieces. In order to be assured that you will get a high cash offer, it is required that you look for a professional purchaser to widen the right offer for your pirces. Our silver purchasers gives a high amount of propose money if you require to trade your silver pieces. Visit our store and find out how much we can pay you today.

Sell Silver Laguna Niguel

When you’re prepared to sell silver, our buyers are ready to help you get the most cash possible. We utilize a 110% cash for silver guarantee to ensure you get the most cash possible and we update silver payouts everyday. As our team of buyers will help you entirely, you are certain to have a full knowing about each process and that your items are reasonably assessed. It won’t take long to appraise your unwanted items and we always produce a cash offer after the appraisal. For you to study more about our 110% cash for silver guarantee, you can check out us anytime.

Laguna Niguel Cash For Platinum

Having money for platinum is easy, but getting a fair payout isn’t always simple. At Crown Gold Exchange close to Laguna Niguel, CA, we ensure you understand our evaluation procedure and we always give a generous money deal. There’s no pressure to sell, but if you’re ready, we will gladly buy your unnecessary items. Check us out today together will all of your discarded pieces in order to have the highest money payment.

Laguna Niguel Platinum Buyer

We give the finest platinum purchasers at Crown Gold Exchange close to Laguna Niguel, CA. Our money for platinum assurance is 110% and each day we can assist you to sell your platinum pieces. Our team of pros will pay you more cash for your platinum immediately. Gather all your pieces now and we will offer you an appraisal that is cost-free.

Laguna Niguel Sell Platinum

Platinum is very precious and when you want fast cash, you can sell platinum jewelry quickly. Our buyers will offer you the highest buck for any platinum pieces you desire to sell and we even offer complimentary assessment. So as to know the sum of money we can provide you, gather all your items now and take them in to one of our professional purchasers for appraisal. Sell platinum in Laguna Niguel CA, today.

Laguna Niguel Cash For Jewelry

At Crown Gold Exchange near Laguna Niguel, CA, we take all types of jewelry made of gold, silver, platinum and with diamonds. We give you money in exchange for the jewelry and we’re open each day at our suitable area. Whether you’re looking to trade an old engagement ring or a broken necklace, we’re here to assist. Stop in now for your free consultation.

Jewelry Buyer Laguna Niguel

Our jewelry buyers are standing by to provide you with money today for your unwanted pieces. We buy all types of jewelry such as necklaces, chains, bracelets, class rings, cufflinks, and wedding rings. Our buyers are interested if the items are made of costly metal or diamonds. Gather all of your rejected jewelry and bring it in now to obtain a free assessment.

Sell Jewelry Laguna Niguel

If your jewelries are engrossed with dust, better have them sold and get some dollars. Whatever kind of jewel you may have, may it be made from gold, silver, platinum or diamonds, surely we can aid you get the money you need and buy something that is wearable. . Whatever reason you may have, may it be personal or not, we’ll be more thankful to get it away from you. With our cash for jewelry guarantee, you won’t have to worry about getting the largest cash payout possible. Just give us all your excess jewelries and expect cash straight away.

Laguna Niguel Cash For Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s good friend, but quite often they lose their luster. If you have a diamond that you don’t utilize anymore, you will be able to replace it for cash by selling it to one of our diamond buyers. Obtaining money in exchange for diamonds is simple and we provide you with more cash than any other buyer in the vicinity.

Laguna Niguel Diamond Buyer

The Crown Gold Exchange near Laguna Niguel, CA will be delivering higher amount on the items you want to sell. Our professional diamond experts know exactly how to assess your diamonds and assign the proper value. Your items will be much cherished no matter how much the values of it. Reach us today and we will talk about the things you should have to know.

Laguna Niguel Sell Diamonds

Sometimes you need to sell diamonds for cash and when this happens, we’re here to aid. Our team of expert buyers is more than happy to accept any diamond jewelry you want to sell, whether it is one-half carat of larger. We do ask that you call for an appointment first, so that we can offer a certified diamond specialists for your free consultation.

Laguna Niguel Cash For Coins

The coins which are made from gold and silver are really worth more than it appear. We provide money for coins and utilize daily up-to-date payouts to ensure you can benefit from any spikes in the value. Even if you need to trade coins you purchased as an asset or a part of your collection, we are able of assisting you to obtain the money that you would like. Bring all your rejected gold and silver coins in our store today to have an evaluation that is free of charge.

Laguna Niguel Coin Buyer

At Crown Gold Exchange near Laguna Niguel, CA, we provide you with the most cash possible for your coins. Our coin buyers takes all sorts of new and old coins as long as it is made from gold and silver. Several pre-1964 coins are made of 90% silver while others with 40% of silver. We’re concerned with any coins you want to sell and will offer you an immediate assessment at no cost.

Sell Coins Laguna Niguel

If you’d like a quick cash and you have coin collections of any types, go to us and we will give a helping hand to acquire cash fast. Our professional buyers can help you sell any coins created from a precious metal. We offer more money than any of our rivals and offer a free cash offer the same day you arrive. Should you have a free time, drop by for free evaluation of your items.

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