What We Buy











  • Rings
  • Necklaces
  • Bracelets
  • Chains
  • Earrings
  • Gold Watches
  • Cufflinks
  • Key Chains
  • Money Clips
  • Brooches
  • Charms and Lockets
  • Class Rings
  • Dental Gold
  • Gold flakes and nuggets
  • Gold and silver coins and medals
  • Gold and silver bars and bullion
  • Gold Statues
  • Any kind of platinum
  • Silver candelabras
  • Silver tea sets and sterling flatware

…plus much more!

* Please note that we do not buy gold plated or gold filled items as the amount of gold is too small to have any real cash value.


High Price Guarantee

Although we already have one of the highest payouts in the country, you are further protected by our Guarantee. We’ll beat any legitimate offer by 10%.

*Diamonds and Bullion not included.

What Do We Buy?

Crown Gold Exchange exceeds the industry standard when paying for your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, coins, bullion, and jewelry.

Step 1

Visit one of our local locations or sell your gold, silver, platinum, jewelry, coins, or diamonds through our free mail in service.

Step 2

Our experts will then examine your items. Our in store specialists will also educate you on how our tests are conducted so you can be confident with our evaluation.

Step 3

You will then be written a check or offered cash on the spot. We are a 100% committed to offering you the most cash for your items.

Cash For Gold Walnut

We Offer Cash For GoldWalnut,CA

At Crown Gold Exchange close to Walnut, CA, will give you with cash for gold in 24 hours you take your unnecessary items. We accept gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, jewelry and coins. We have a team of sophisticated buyers that will never pressure you to offer your items and they will help you in the procedure properly. If you need cash for gold jewelry and coins, take the items to us today.

Gold Buyer Walnut

The best gold buyers make all the difference when you want to get the most cash for your gold possible. We give you with a group of buyers ready to provide you the most cash possible. With our 110% cash for gold assure, we’re able to beat any other offer you receive. Don’t be reluctant to take your offers and gold to us today. Visit our gold buyers in Walnut, CA.

Walnut Sell Gold

As soon as you give your gold to our buyers, you’ll surely get the loads of money you’ve ever wished. A few of your things may perhaps be in a price that can go beyond your expectation. If you would like your gold exchanged with money, you should only give your trust to those reputable buyers. With our expert buyers, you will receive the most for your excess items. To make certain that you will receive a fair offer, we always update pay outs and we use a 110% cash for gold guarantee. Pay us a visit today and have our free appraisal.

Cash For Silver Walnut

Although silver might not be as valuable compared to gold, but you are still able to get money for silver nowadays. A lot of purchasers will provide you with money directly in exchange for your discarded silver jewelry, chinaware and silverware. Our purchasers offer the highest cash offers close to Walnut, California and we help you during the procedure step by step. Visit now and learn the value for your discarded silver.

Walnut Silver Buyer

Among the things you need to look forward for the best silver buyers is that they won’t take advantage of your items instead provide you more money that you’re worthy of. You should seek an expert buyer who is not fond of doing a fake transaction if you are seeking to get a big cash offer. If you’re wanting to sell your silver, rest assured that our silver buyers will provide you a fair and a large cash offer. Go to our store and know how much we can pay you right now.

Sell Silver Walnut

You can possibly get the cash you like once you plan to sell your silver since most of our buyers are always on the run to guide you. We are really giving you nothing but the best we offer 110% cash for silver guarantee and we will never fail to provide you with updates regularly regarding your silver payouts. You have nothing to be concerned about because our team will appraise all your items and they will guide you on the process. Just right after the assessment, we will offer you the exact price of your items. Know more about the 110% cash for silver guarantee that we offer. Have this completed by going to our shop now!

Cash For Platinum Walnut

Acquiring money for platinum is a great way to cope with any sort of financial concern.If you would like make the most cash out of your platinum, then go for a 110% cash for platinum offer.Our good group of buyers can defeat other offers by 10% at least. Consult us and be advised regarding how much we can offer you.

Walnut Platinum Buyer

At Crown Gold Exchange near Walnut, California we give the best platinum buyers in the city. We utilize a 110% cash for platinum guarantee and we’re accessible to aid you sell your platinum any day of the week. Our team of experts will pay you more money for your platinum immediately. Talk with us now and take with you your excess platinum for free evaluation.

Walnut Sell Platinum

We purchase platinum whether old or brand new, we’re always prepared to guide you through the process. At Crown Gold Exchange near Walnut, California, we offer the very best buyers in the market prepared to beat any other deals you’ve got. When you’re prepared to sell platinum, we’re prepared to purchase. Visit us now and bring all your unwanted items.

Cash For Jewelry Walnut

At Crown Gold Exchange near Walnut, California, we take all types of jewelry made from gold, silver, platinum and with diamonds. We provide you money in return for the jewelry and we are available daily at our suitable place. Either you’re looking to trade an outdated engagement ring or a wrecked necklace, we’re here to be of help. Come in today for your free consultation.

Jewelry Buyer Walnut

Our jewelry purchasers in Walnut CA are always ready to offer you money for your discarded items. We purchase necklaces, chains, bracelets, class rings, cufflinks, wedding rings and a number of other types of jewelry. If it’s made from a precious metal or with diamonds, our customers are interested. Acquire all of your rejected jewelry and bring it in now to obtain a complimentary assessment.

Walnut Sell Jewelry

When you want to sell jewelry for quick cash in Walnut, you want an expert buyer on your side. We always renew our each day payments and give a 110% cash for jewelry assurance. It is to ensure that you will obtain the biggest money offer from us and you are able to benefit from any points of the price. Show all of your rejected jewelry to our buyers now and ask about our 110% offer for jewelry assurance.

Cash For Diamonds Walnut

Crown Gold Exchange near Walnut CA offers an easy way to earn cash for diamonds. We offer the ideal buyers ideal for determining the correct value to your diamonds. If you want the most money possible for your diamonds, you need a buyer prepared to offer a total assessment of the diamond jewelry you own.Contact us today and have a scheduled visit with our diamonds professionals.

Walnut Diamond Buyer

The Crown Gold Exchange near Walnut, California will be delivering larger amount on the items you wish to sell. Our certified diamond experts know exactly how to appraise your diamonds and assign the correct value. We never miscalculate your items and we always provide a free cash offer without pressuring you to sell. Contact us today and set your session.

Sell Diamonds Walnut

There is always a scenario that forces you to sell your diamonds for cash, and with this, we can help you get your needed cash. Our team of expert buyers is more than happy to take any diamond jewelry you wish to sell, whether it is one-half carat of larger. All we’d like you to do is to call for to set for an appointment upfront to give you a qualified diamond specialist that you can consult at simply no cost.

Walnut Cash For Coins

Coins made from gold and silver are worth quite a little bit greater than the face value. We offer money for coins and use daily up-to-date payouts to assure you can make the most of any spikes in the value. Whether you ought to sell coins you purchased as an investment or a part of your collection, we can help you obtain the cash you need today. Take in all your unwanted gold and silver coins for a totally free assessment in Walnut CA right now.

Coin Buyer Walnut

Swap your Gold for Cash in Walnut, CA

By visiting Crown Gold Exchange near to Walnut, California, it will permit you to have the cash you want any time you want to trade your gold. Should you require money for your gold, you can trust us since our purchasers are professional. Our staff will treat you with the respect you deserve and we always provide a free consultation, followed by a free cash offer. Check us out now and be aware of the price we can give you for your abandoned gold pieces.

Walnut Sell Coins

If you would like TO sell a portion of your coin collection or coins you’ve purchased as an asset, then we can assist you in trading them for money. We have expert purchasers that can help you in selling your coins that are made from valuable metals. We give extra money than some of our competitors and give a free cash offer the same day you visit. Go to our store today and acquire a complimentary appraisal.

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