Sell Diamond Jewelry Online

How to Sell Diamond Jewelry Online with Crown Gold Exchange

If you are in the market to sell your diamond jewelry, you should consider the benefits of using a reputable online dealer. Crown Gold Exchange has a solid reputation in offering a high price in purchasing loose diamonds and diamond jewelry. Every transaction is transparent, fully insured, and offers peace of mind knowing you are getting top dollar for your items.

In fact, selling your diamonds online ensures that you receive the most money over local competitors. This is because of the huge number of transactions that Crown Gold Exchange handles every week, and their need to seek out new inventory from the used jewelry market.

The gold exchange can offer you top dollar because they use certified GIA gemologists that have the proper training and tools. The gemologist can assess your jewelry to determine its actual worth, before offering you fair market value. They are willing to provide an offer on matched pair diamonds, single diamonds, and other precious stones and precious metals including gold, silver and platinum.

An Increasing Demand

Crown Gold Exchange deals with a worldwide market and has an increasing demand for inventory. Because of that, they are continually looking for diamond jewelry, loose diamonds and scrap precious metals. They will take old watches, jewelry with broken clasps and single earrings that contain precious metal and/or precious stones. As a result, you can easily sell any jewelry that is broken or damaged.

The Need for Inherited Jewelry

Many antique items are acquired through inheritance or estate sales. Crown Gold Exchange is continually seeking out pieces that are unwanted or undesired. Many of these pieces contain stones that are in great demand in the worldwide market. Because of that, the exchange is willing to offer top dollar to convert these pieces into cash.

If you have any items that hold no sentimental value, they may be of great worth at resale. You can send these items in the gold exchange and have it evaluated before being offered a reasonable fair market price.

Unwanted Jewelry

In addition to inherited pieces or jewelry acquired through an estate sale, you may have unwanted jewelry from the past. It may be an engagement ring or wedding ring that you no longer wear, which might hold significant value when converting it into cash. Rings that contain large stones, average size stones, and diamond chips all have value, especially because the ring also contains precious metals including gold, platinum or silver.

Earning the Most Cash

Anytime you are willing to sell a wedding ring, engagement ring, or loose diamonds, you can receive substantial amounts of money quickly. This can help you earn the most cash to pay off debt, purchase other jewelry, or buy other items.

The process of dealing with an online reputable gold exchange is easy. They provide a return insured envelope where you can place your items in the package and have it delivered to the exchange fully insured. This will provide you peace of mind knowing that the entire transaction remains transparent and safe.