Sell Old Jewelry Online

You Can Sell Jewelry Online with Crown Gold Exchange

Today’s market for gold, silver and platinum jewelry, coins and scraps is extremely demanding. Because the precious metals are limited commodities, jewelers and gold dealers are continuously looking for new sources to increase their inventory. Because of that, they are willing to offer high prices for any piece of jewelry, broken or not, along with scraps of gold, platinum and silver.

Many individuals are cashing in their unwanted gold to raise quick funds for other items. They are receiving top dollar since the prices of gold, silver and platinum started to climb. They receive quick cash and a high price by selling their items online to reputable gold dealers, like Crown Gold Exchange.

Jewelry stores and pawnshops are limited in how much they can offer you for your unwanted precious metals and precious stones. This is because they have huge overhead expenses. Alternatively, reputable online gold dealers have minimal overhead and can offer significantly more per troy ounce for your jewelry.

In fact, the process of converting unwanted jewelry into quick cash could never be easier than working with an online dealer. They purchase jewelry of every kind including 10K, 14K, 16K and 18K along with 22K and 24 karat pieces. They also accept precious metal bullion in bars, rounds and coins. They accept gold coins, jewelry, and scrap.

An Insured Transaction

Reputable online gold dealers, including Crown Gold Exchange, avoid using regular mail when shipping gold and other valuable items. Instead, they ensure the package, and have the package continuously tracked until it arrives. This is important, to ensure that your items remain safe from the beginning of the transaction to the end.

Once they receive your piece, or pieces, they will quickly inspect the items, and weigh the precious metals to determine their “melt value,” which is its worth based on the current spot price of gold, silver or platinum. After determining its worth, they will offer you fair market value. Once you accept the cut you a check, offer a wire transfer to your bank, send funds through Western Union, or allow you to select from a variety of other online payment options. The transaction could not be any easier.

A Reason for Selling Jewelry

Many individuals are stuck with outdated or unwanted jewelry. It might be an earring has lost its mate; or the necklace has become twisted or broken, and is no longer of use. It could be that the jewelry is no longer desirable because it is outdated, or no longer and style. Whatever the reason, a reputable online gold dealer, like Crown Gold Exchange, will take the items and convert them into cash.

Selling Old Jewelry Online is Convenient

An online gold exchange offers a unique opportunity where you can convert your undesired items into cash without ever leaving the house. This helps you avoid negotiating with local jewelry stores and pawnshops that are often attempting to sell a large volume of jewelry exactly like the type you hope to sell. Instead, an online gold dealer handles thousands of transactions every month and markets their products worldwide. This is why they can offer you the highest price.