Sell Platinum Jewelry Online

Get Cash Quick Selling Platinum Jewelry Online with Crown Gold Exchange

Selling platinum online could not be easier, especially when dealing with Crown Gold Exchange. They offer door-to-door service, to ensure that all of your shipping costs are included in the transaction. They offer the highest prices possible because of their low overhead, which can be significantly better than offers made by local jewelers and pawnbrokers.

In all likelihood, you are looking to sell your platinum, silver, gold or other precious metals as a way to generate much-needed cash. In fact, Crown Gold Exchange is continually looking to purchase platinum jewelry, bars, coins, nuggets and scrap, and will pay top dollar. They will buy all types of platinum along with gold and silver, even in the jewelry piece is broken or damaged.

Selling to an Online Dealer

While it might seem more advantageous to sell your platinum to the local jewelry store, or pawnbroker, you likely will not receive a fair price. This is because they have huge overhead expenses, and a limited amount of traffic for resale. Alternatively, Crown Gold Exchange sells to a worldwide market that is continuously seeking out all types of platinum jewelry. Because of that, the gold exchange can offer significantly more money for every piece they purchase.

Online reputable gold dealers, including Crown Gold Exchange, will buy the precious metal in nearly any form. They offer a one-stop solution to converting your precious metals into cash.

A Safe Transaction

Selling your platinum online could not be any safer, when dealing directly with a trusted gold exchange. Their reputation ensures that the entire transaction will remain guaranteed protected, insured and safe. They will send a prepaid fully insured envelope to your home or office, where you can load up all of your undesired items to convert into cash. This can include diamond jewelry, loose diamond stones, other precious stones, functioning or non-functioning watches, platinum, gold, and silver.

Once the package arrives at Crown Gold Exchange, every piece in the envelope will be evaluated, weighed and assessed by their certified team. You will then receive an offer on every piece. Once you accept their offer, payment will be made instantly. Your cash can be returned to you as a wire transfer, check, or online payment. It could arrive in as little as one day.

The market for platinum jewelry continues to be in great demand. This is because many investors are purchasing platinum in a variety of ways including jewelry, coins, and bullion bars. Because of that, the gold exchange is in constant need of sourcing platinum from every type of market including the used jewelry industry. As a result, they are paying top dollar based on the current daily spot price of platinum.

In addition, they are in need of other precious metals including gold and silver. Because of that, you can sell any unwanted or unneeded jewelry with or without precious stones. With easy access to a reputable online gold exchange, you can convert any piece of platinum, gold or silver jewelry into quick cash.