The Benefits of Selling Silver Jewelry Online with Crown Gold Exchange

Today’s gold and silver rush has many individuals eagerly transforming their precious metals into quick cash. If you are in need of generating fast money, you can easily convert your silver jewelry, bars, coins, nuggets and silver scrap into money right away. Reputable online precious metal exchange companies, including Crown Gold Exchange, offer a high price per troy ounce for silver, gold and platinum items.

The Benefits of an Online Dealer

Converting silver into cash online is reliable, fast and secure. Locally, there is usually a jewelry merchant, pawnbroker, or local precious metals buyer eager to convert your silver for cash. However, they often have extensive overhead, and can only offer a minimal amount per troy ounce. Alternatively, a reputable online dealer has low overhead, and can provide you convenience of performing the entire transaction from the comfort of your house.

Is It Safe?

Reputable online dealers, such as Crown Gold Exchange, offer dependable service that is fully insured. In fact, every transaction is guaranteed to be protected and safe throughout the entire process. The online dealer will usually send an insured return envelope to the home where you can place all of your items inside. When sent back, the package remains fully insured until it reaches the reputable dealer.

Once all of the items have been weighed and evaluated, the dealer will make an offer. Once accepted, funds are automatically transferred in a variety of ways. Funds can be sent through Western Union, a central wire transfer, a check or processed through a variety of online options.

What Can I Sell?

Crown Gold Exchange and other gold dealers are interested in buying a variety of precious metal items. These include old rings, coins, old and broken jewelry, and precious metal scraps. Broken and unbroken jewelry is accepted. There is usually staff on hand to discuss everything you want to sell, to determine whether you should place it in the package with your other items.

Avoid the Pawn Shop

Pawnshops and local jewelers usually offer only a minimal amount of cash for the jewelry they purchase. This is because they usually have a limited number of ways of reselling the jewelry. Alternatively, an online reputable dealer handles thousands of transactions every day. Because of that, they are eager to buy in large quantities and are willing to pay top price for your items.

The Melt Value

Nearly every type of gold, silver, and platinum jewelry has value, even if it is broken. Even if the item is damaged beyond repair, it still contains melt value, where there is worth in the weight of the precious metal. The online dealer will simply weigh the item to determine its value, and present you a quick exchange for cash.

The transaction of converting your silver into cash is a win-win for both you and the online reputable dealer. The transactions are quick and easy, and can provide cash in your hand in just a few days.