Sell YOUR Gold for the Most Just Like Sloan

Sloan had a wonderful time selling gold at the Crown Gold Exchange in Rancho Santa Margarita. If you live in Southern California then you can visit any one of our many locations to sell YOUR gold, silver or diamonds for the most!

Check it out: You CAN get a great price for your gold. It’s totally possible.

I know you might feel like every gold buyer is out to get you but that’s just because you’ve been working with the wrong people.

It’s true: there are charlatans out there…

But the good news is that you don’t have to worry about that anymore because you’ve finally discovered Crown Gold Exchange!

Crown Gold Exchange always pays you the most.

That’s like, our shtick, you know? Paying you the most for your gold (or silver, or platinum, or even diamonds!) is what we do.

Paying the most is why we keep putting our competitors out of business, why loyal customers return to us year after year, and why we keep expanding into more locations.

You’ll see for yourself as soon as you step foot inside one of our comfortable buying locations where you’ll always feel safe and secure; head on in today for a chat and a laugh with our friendly and knowledgable staff.

Alisha Small

Just want to know what your gold band is worth? Perfect! We’ll price it free of charge. Curious about the diamond you inherited? Awesome. Our GIA Certified gold and diamond buyers will grade your diamond for free and let you know exactly what it’s worth.

Our employees don’t work on commission so you’ll never be pressured into selling before you’re ready.

You never need an appointment and most of our locations are open 7 days a week (find the location nearest you and view store hours here).

Plus, we’ll buy items in any condition. It can be old, ugly or broken but as long as it’s genuine we’ll pay handsomely for it. (Here’s a complete list of everything you can sell.)

So, are you ready to follow Sloan’s lead and get the best price for your gold?

Visit Crown Gold Exchange today and finally get paid the most for your gold, silver, platinum or diamonds.


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Why do this? Because we understand that after experiencing our level of service you’ll return again and again— plus, once you know we’re trustworthy, you’ll refer your friends and loved ones. It’s a win-win!)