Gold Exchange Education Videos

Crown Gold exchange is your southern California leading gold exchange solution.  With 11 stores and a decade of gold exchange, we know about gold, silver, diamonds, and precious stones.

Our fearless leader, Cesar has provided some education and humor surrounding your unused valuables;  Learn how to tell if a diamond is real with these 11 DIY tests, learn about smelting gold, what is a silver bar good for, and many more educational and entertaining videos.

Watch Cesar Hit a Diamond with a Hammer!

The ULTIMATE SHOWDOWN between a DIAMOND, MOISSANITE, and CZ! We test all three stones to see how they will hold up and compare in 11 different tests. Including the READING TEST, FOG TEST, FLUORESCENCE TEST, GLASS SCRATCH TEST, SUNLIGHT TEST, FACET JUNCTION TEST, DIAMOND TESTER TEST, WEIGHT vs SIZE TEST, SANDPAPER TEST, FIRE TEST, and HAMMER TEST! Watch and see how each stone performs in all the tests!

Top 10 Uses for a 1,000 Silver Bar

What do you do with a 1000ozt silver bar besides lock it up in your safe? In this video we give you ten ideas to put that silver bar to use!

How Much Gold is in Gold Jewelry?

A look into taking gold jewelry and turning it into a gold bar!

Stay tuned for more gold education and fun.  Cesar will continue to entertain you with the findings in his 11 Crown Gold Exchange locations and knowledge he’s accumulated over the decade of gold exchange knowledge.  Wait til he tells you about coins – inquiring minds will want to know!

In this video we explore the top five places to sell your gold jewelry. Is Ebay and Craigslist at the top of the list? Watch to find out!

A look into taking gold jewelry and turning it into a gold bar! This is how we process all of the gold we exchange.

What is the actual price of gold? Is it the spot price? What is the difference between the spot BID price and the spot ASK price? And what the heck is a TROY ounce and is it different from a regular ounce? We answer these questions and more in today’s video.

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