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Contact Crown Gold Exchange in Chino when you want to get the best prices for you gold, diamonds and jewelry.

Sell your gold and precious metals to Crown Gold Exchange in ChinoBring your unwanted, broken, and estate jewelry as well as silverware, coins, and diamonds to Crown Gold Exchange in Chino. Our friendly and experienced professionals will evaluate and weigh your items right in front of you. We will then make you an offer for your items and you get paid instantly in the Chino store. It’s that simple!

Chino’s Trusted Buyer of Gold, Silver, Jewelry, Coins & More

If you live in or near the city of Chino, California and are looking for a reputable buyer for your gold, silver, platinum, or jewelry, come to Crown Gold Exchange in Chino. We’ve been serving the good people of Chino for ten years, and have enjoyed a stellar reputation as a no-nonsense buyer for all things gold, silver, or rare in the world of jewelry and other precious metals. 

Our customers bring us their gold and silver because they trust us. Many come back again and again, confident that we will make them a fair offer, as we always do. We do this, because we care about our customers and our reputation. We understand that you expect to be treated with respect and honesty. We protect our reputation by taking excellent care of you, and it continues to pay us dividends over the long term.

Suppose you had a friend who gave you a gold necklace once, and it no longer holds sentimental value for you. Or you inherited a piece of jewelry from a loved one, and it doesn’t interest you. Maybe you’re just short on cash, and you need to sell an asset to make ends meet. No matter why you come to us, our goal is the same – to get you the most money possible for your item. We do our part by providing an accurate, unbiased assessment. Then we make you an offer. The decision to sell or keep is left entirely to you.

Our Process for Buying Gold in Chino, CA

At Crown Gold Exchange in Chino, we employ a simple process for protecting your valuables during the purchase. We make sure that your valuable items are safeguarded and always under your care. We examine your items right in front of you; they never leave your sight. 

The scales we use to examine your items are certified and licensed by the state of California’s Department of Weights and Measures. We actually use a number of different industry tools to make safe and accurate assessments of your gold and its purity. Our intention is to ensure that your items will command the best possible price, and that we don’t miss out on any items of high value. We then reference the market for your material, and identify the spot price it is trading at during that very moment. We then pay you for your item immediately. We offer a variety of payment options, so you won’t have to wait around.

We pay Cash for Gold

Crown Gold Exchange of Chino is an ideal place for selling gold items in any form or of any purity. Whether your gold is 24-karat, 8-karat, or anything in-between (9-karat, 10-karat, 14-karat, 18-karat, 21.6-karat, 22-karat), our professional buyer will analyze your item to determine exactly how much gold you have. We routinely pay top dollar for gold plated watches, fine gold jewelry, or bars, coins or bullion. And we make the first offer, without haggling. We do this to avoid pressuring you to sell your item. We are happy to pay you for your item, if you are willing to sell. Or you can take time to think about it. It’s your decision. 

We give you Cash for Diamonds & Jewelry 

If you bring us jewelry set with diamonds or other precious stones, we can carefully examine each stone and give you our honest assessment. Although the secondary market tends to favor diamonds over other stones, we’re always looking for items with excellent craftsmanship or resale value. If you have questions, go ahead and bring the item in, and we will be happy to check it out for you.

Precious Metals We Buy at Crown Gold Exchange


sell your gold at Crown Gold Exchange in ChinoWe accept gold in any form. Gold bars or bullion, gold alloys (from 8-karat to 24-karat), gold plating (e.g. watches or flatware), and fine gold jewelry are all accepted. We do favor collectable jewelry made by such designers such as Tiffany or Cartier. Pieces made by established name designers command a high price, and are often worth more than the weight of the gold itself.



Sell your Silver in Chino at Crown Gold Exchange

Crown Gold Exchange accepts any high-grade silver, including fine pure silver (.999), sterling silver (.925), coin silver (.900), or any other silver of grade .800 or higher. Some silverware for example, will be as low as .800 or .830 in purity.

As with gold, we also seek out products made by top silver designers such as Judith Ripka or David Yurman. We accept Mexican designs such as pieces crafted in the Taxco region. We also pay for pieces made by Native American artisans, such as squash blossom necklaces from the Navajo or Zuni tribes. Although we are not picky about accepting precious metals, we mention these designs because their rare beauty and craftsmanship add considerable value to what would otherwise be routine purchase of a precious metal.

Other Metal or Jewelry

Sell your diamonds in Chino at Crown Gold ExchangeAt Crown Gold Exchange, we also pay cash for platinum jewelry, diamonds, rare or numismatic graded coins, and precious metals in bar or bullion form. Because we routinely handle such items, we have the ability to assess their value with the tools we have in-house fairly easily. If you bring us an item that is rare or has value in a specialized market, we still have ways of determining its value, and we will give you an accurate quote if we are interested.

Other Collectables

Here at Crown Gold Exchange, we are always on the lookout for pieces made by top designers. We frequently make offers on high-end watches (Rolex, Cartier, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Jaeger LeCoultre) or handbags (Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Chanel), assuming they are in good condition. If you have other rare or valuable collectibles, we will consider making a fair offer, assuming we can properly authenticate each item, and determine its value.

Call our Office in Chino for an Appointment

At Crown Gold Exchange, we provide quality customer service to anyone who walks in off the street. However, we want to assure you of the best possible experience, so we invite you to schedule an appointment. Scheduling an appointment ensures that an associate is available to speak with you when you arrive. We respect your time, and want to give you our full attention and answer all of your questions.

If you are new to the market, or on the fence about whether you want to sell your item, it always helps to have a professional buyer who can give you their full attention.

Remember: We don’t want to pressure you into something you regret. We want you to walk away happy, confident that you got the best possible value for your item. Best of all, our assessments are FREE.

Choose Crown Gold Exchange in Chino California

Crown Gold Exchange in Chino gives you the best prices for your gold, silver and other precious metals in Chino.Whether you live in Chino, Chino Hills, Diamond Bar, Eastvale, Norco, or Pomona, we have your back when it comes to selling gold. We will be happy to assess the value of your item and make you an offer. You have several options for selling gold, silver, and other precious metals; that’s why we are determined to be the name you can trust for the best possible value and experience. We look forward to hearing from you. Schedule an appointment below or click here to get directions.


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