Bars and Bullion

Bullion is a generic term for anything that’s traded as the type of metal it is. Bullion should always have the type of metal along with the purity minted directly on it. For example, a 1 ounce gold bar will say both “1 ounce” and also “.999 or .9999 fine gold” minted on the bar. Bullion typically comes in the shape of a bar or a round, but can also have fun and interesting shapes like a heart, a bullet, and even animals. Bullion is minted specifically for investment purposes. It’s easily purchased and sold which sometimes differs from coins.

Bars and bullion are usually privately minted with no denomination given. Some popular private mints include Johnson-¬‐Matthey, Engelhard, Pamp Suisse, Perth Mint, Sunshine Minting, Pan Am, APMEX, Credit Suisse, and more.

Gold Bars & Bullion

Silver Bars & Bullion

Platinum Bars & Bullion

Palladium Bars & Bullion

Rhodium Bars & Bullion

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