Sell your Silverware for Top Dollar at Crown Gold Exchange

Your Silverware Set has Value

Do you own a silverware set? Silverware can be surprisingly valuable. Silverware can be antique or modern, made from sterling silver or plated with silver. There are a few different tiers of quality, and each occupies its own place on the secondary market. The right buyer will be able to determine how much silver you have and make you a fair offer. At Crown Gold Exchange, our trained professional buyers know exactly how to assess the value of your silverware, and we’re happy to make you an offer on it.

Sterling Silver is of High Quality, and commands a High Price

Sterling silver is 92.5% pure, and thus it has a purity rating of .925. Most silverware has this level of purity; somewhere on each piece should be a marking that reads: “Sterling” and/or “.925”. Even when a marking is not present, routine testing will reveal the exact quality of the silver. Such testing is used even when the marking is present, to avoid fraud.

Other Grades of Silver also have High Value

Silverware is sometimes made using coin silver, which has a rating of .900; it can also be made from a silver of grade .800, or from other grades. In any case, silverware will be made from a silver alloy that is mostly silver. A skilled appraiser will be able to determine exactly what grade of silver is used, and thus, how much silver is present in the set.

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Silver Coating has Value

Silver-plated silverware is made of a cheaper metal, such as copper and nickel, overlaid with a silver coating. Such pieces are not as valuable as those made from a silver alloy. Because the amount of silver in silver-plated items is so low, Crown Gold Exchange doesn’t purchase these items. We recommend donating them and getting the tax deduction for fair value.

Crown Gold Exchange buys ANY silver items

Crown Gold Exchange buys a lot more than silverware. As long as your item has silver, we will buy just about anything, including jewelry, coins, ornaments, bowls or figurines. If you have a silver item and are unsure of its value, bring it in, and we can look at it together. Some coins like the 1942-1945 silver U.S. war nickels only have 35% silver. Even the 1965-1969 Kennedy half dollar has 40% silver. If your item is made from even a small amount of silver, we can buy it. As with gold, some famous designers offer a line of silver products which fetch a high price on the secondary market. Judith Ripka and David Yurman are such designers. We also pay a higher price for certain Mexican designs, such as those from the Taxco region, or for the work of Native American artisans such as Begay, Bisbee, Yazzie, and others. Some of their designs include squash blossom necklaces, turquoise jewelry, bear claw bracelets, and others.

Other Things we Purchase

At Crown Gold Exchange, we also purchase items made from other precious metals, including gold, platinum, palladium and rhodium. Our buyers are trained in valuing rare items, including diamonds, designer jewelry, autographed merchandise, and even designer handbags. If you have a rare or precious item and are considering selling it, then bring it to one of our nine convenient locations. There’s a good chance we can identify its market and value. Once we authenticate your item and appraise it, we are in a position to make you an offer on it.

Customer Testimonial

At Crown Gold Exchange, Selling Your Silverware is Safe and Easy

Crown Gold Exchange operates nine locations across the Southland for your convenience. For ten years now, we have grown our reputation as the best place to sell silverware and other precious metals. Our loyal customer base continues to bring us their silver, gold and other precious items, because they know we will show them respect and offer excellent value. We don’t pressure or haggle; we simply make an instant offer and leave the decision to you.

At Crown Gold Exchange, we’ve perfected a system that puts our customers at ease about bringing us their silverware. When you walk in, one of our buyers greets you with a smile and sits with you at a desk. There in front of you, he or she will test your item for purity and weigh it to determine exactly how much silver you have. Our scales are calibrated by the Department of Weights and Measures of the state of California. When you come to Crown Gold Exchange, you can be confident that we always use the most accurate equipment for appraising your items.

After appraising your silver, we look up the current spot price of silver. We then offer you the value of your items according to that price. Payment is available to you via a variety of convenient payment methods, so you won’t be waiting around to get paid. At that point, we leave the decision to you. Our employees are professionals, and don’t work on commission. We never haggle or pressure our customers into a sale. We understand that sometimes it’s difficult to let go of an item for sentimental reasons. This is why we practice our no-pressure approach. When you’re ready to sell, we will be there for you.

Call one of Our Locations to Make an Appointment

The professionals at Crown Gold Exchange always strive to maintain a high standard for customer service. Walk-ins are always welcome; we are happy to make time for you and examine your silverware collection. However, it is in our mutual interest for you to call ahead and make an appointment. You can also Click Here to make an appointment. This step ensures that an associate will be available to speak with you when you arrive. Appointments are available same-day.

We ask this of you from our desire to give you the best possible experience. We want to be sure to give you our full attention and answer any questions you may have. This is especially helpful for our new customers, who may need some additional coaching on the silver market, or who might be unsure about whether they should sell their item. Remember: We wish to avoid putting any pressure on you. We also want to make sure that you get the best possible value for it, and feel comfortable making your decision.

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Choose Crown Gold Exchange for selling Silverware in the Southland

Crown Gold Exchange continues to offer the very best service and value available to those seeking to sell precious metals, jewelry, diamonds, coins, silverware, or other valuable items. If you have a precious item you want to sell, we invite you to call or stop by one of our nine locations in the Inland Empire, Carlsbad, Palm Desert, or Rancho Santa Margarita. Our goal is always to get you the most we can for your item. We promise to make every effort to win your trust through superior customer service. We look forward to meeting you.


She explained everything to me and it made me feel very comfortable.

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