Sell Your Gold Jewelry to a Crown Gold Exchange Near You.

We buy gold jewelry in all conditions whether it’s new, old, broken, damaged, vintage or antique. As long as it’s gold, we can buy it.

We can purchased jewelry as low as 8(33.3% pure) and 9 karat (37.5% pure) gold but most of the items we buy are the traditional 10 karat (41.7% pure), 14 kara (58.5% pure), 18 karat (75% pure), 22 karat (91.6% pure) and 24 karat (99.99% pure) gold.

The types of gold jewelry we can purchase are yellow gold, white gold (rhodium dipped), rose gold, and black hills gold. We buy anything gold including class rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, cocktail rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, pendants, charms, bangles, money clips, brooches, watches, and more. If you aren’t sure, please bring in your items and we’ll evaluate it at no charge.

If your gold is stamped with the following, it’s a form of gold plating and we can’t purchase it unless it’s an antique pocket watch.

  • 1/20th 12k
  • rolled gold filled (R.G.F)
  • Gold Filled (G.F.)
  • Heavy Gold Electroplate (H.G.E.)
  • Electroplate (E.P.)
  • Don’t worry about looking through each piece of jewelry yourself. Just bring them in the store and we will sort it all out for you.

The Value of Gold

The value of goldFor centuries, gold has been a safeguard against financial instability. By purchasing gold as an asset, one is both storing wealth and investing it, and typically the buyer is rewarded over time. Inflation slowly decreases the value of money, while gold retains its value. Thus, the price of gold against the dollar rises over time. But inflation is not the only thing driving the price of gold. 

As the saying goes, “An object is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it.” In the case of gold, people all over the world still revere gold as a metal with intrinsic value, and thus it retains its value against paper currency. But its value also grows as peoples’ faith in it grows. And with a global pandemic, housing crises, and political turmoil, gold has become a logical choice for many.

A Most Useful Metal

Gold has many different uses in our economy. Gold ranks number one for malleability, which means it can be hammered easily into different shapes, thin sheets, or wire. Not only so, it does not tarnish. These two properties, when combined with its brightness, its luster, and yellow tint, make it perfect for use in coating or plating. Gold is used for making jewelry, coating flatware, making awards, and even putting plating on church steeples. With an enduring shine, items such as these retain their value for many years, and even centuries.

Of all the gold in the world, 78% is used for jewelry. In the United States, however: 

  • 50% is used for jewelry 
  • 37% is used in electronics
  • 8% is used in minting official coins
  • 5% is for other uses. 

This breakdown does not include gold that is used for gold bullion. Gold is perfect for electronics, because it conducts electricity well and does not corrode. It’s also perfect for dental work, because it doesn’t react with other substances, and thus will not poison the user. Dentists have been using it for centuries for this reason.

Gold is often combined with glass to add a reflective quality; tiny particles added during the refining process enable it to reflect radiation. This effect can be used to keep buildings insulated, and make protective eyewear. It is also in aerospace engineering to provide an (albeit expensive) reflective coating to metal, which is often necessary to protect equipment from damage from excess radiation. 

When to Sell

time to sell your goldThere has never been a better time to sell your gold. Although the price has seen a slight decline in recent months, this mild correction nonetheless locates it on a plateau above its entire history. But there is no telling how long it will stay high. Gold’s price has always been volatile, seeing changes from week-to-week, day-to-day, and hour-to-hour. With so many people coming out of the shadows to sell gold from their personal collections, there is reason to believe that it may drop again. Selling your gold right now ensures that you will get the best possible return, in the event that it falls in the future.

Our Process gets You the Best Value

A Personal Approach

At Crown Gold Exchange, we have a three-step process to make selling your gold comfortable and effortless, while ensuring that you get the full value for your assets. When you arrive at our facility, we greet you with a smile, and introduce you to one of our professional appraisers. You sit down with our appraiser and show us what you have to sell. During the entire process, your belongings never leave your sight.

Get an Offer Today

Our buyers will examine your item and test it for purity. We weigh the gold (or other precious metals), and examine any diamonds for size and clarity. At the end of the process, we show you the current market value value of your items, and make you a no-nonsense offer. We leave the decision to you; whether you keep your item or sell it, we’re 100% content.

Get Paid Instantly

If you agree to sell us your item, we pay you on the spot! No hassle, no delay, and no waiting for a second check. We do this because, as we’ve already stated, the value of gold fluctuates. You get the price of your item at the time of exchange, and not a dime less. 

Types of Gold Accepted

We will take gold in just about any form. Here are a few things we accept:

  • Gold jewelry, with or without gemstones or settings
  • Gold Coins
  • Gold Bars or Bullion
  • Numismatic Coins
  • Goldware (dining utensils)
  • Dental gold
  • Designer Costume Jewelry
  • Gold plated pocket watches

We are open to taking gold in other forms like gold wire, nugget gold, placer gold, and more just ask! Just bring in your item, and our buyer will examine it. 

Come to One of our Nine Convenient Locations

If you live in the counties of San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, or San Diego, we have a location for you. None of our locations require an appointment, but they are recommended. To learn more about our locations, including hours of operation, driving directions, or to make an appointment, click on our locations tab at the top of the page. You can also access that page here.

Choose Crown Gold Exchange for Great Value with a Personal Touch

visit us todayOur Gold buyers are known for one quality, first and foremost – integrity. When you bring your gold into an exchange for sale, you are counting on people who are fair, professional, and most of all, honest. At Crown Gold Exchange, we have built our sterling reputation over the years by treating our customers like family. We always give our people fair market value, and we don’t waste your time.

We have paid out over $60,000,000 over the past 10 years to over 80,000 clients. With thousands of five-star reviews, let us show you how we’ve earned that. 

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