Platinum Jewelry

We buy platinum and platinum jewelry in all conditions whether it’s new, old, broken, damaged, vintage or antique. It can be in the form of jewelry, coins, or even industrial platinum wire. As long as it’s platinum, we can buy it.

Most platinum jewelry is hallmarked .900 or .950 with PLAT or pt next to it. This means it’s either 90% or 95% platinum. Sometimes you’ll see a stamp with 90% plat 10% irid which means the item also has 10% iridium.


If You have Platinum to Sell, Come to Crown Gold Exchange

Are you the kind of person who favors platinum jewelry instead of gold? Platinum is a very rare and precious metal with considerable appeal to jewelry buyers and other aficionados. If you are in possession of a platinum item and are looking to sell it at top dollar, Crown Gold Exchange is the place to go!

At Crown Gold Exchange, people bring us their platinum items to sell for a number of different reasons. Here are the four most common:

  • You received a piece of jewelry as a gift, and (for whatever reason) it no longer has the same value to you that it once had.
  • You inherited a platinum item from a loved one, and you have no need for it.
  • You are experiencing some form of financial distress, and you need to sell your platinum to get through it.
  • You purchased a platinum item as an investment, and the time has come to sell it and realize your gain.

Whatever your reason is, you can count on the professionals at Crown Gold Exchange to get you the very best price that you need!

Crown Gold Exchange has nine locations all across the Southland and have served its communities for over ten years. During that time, we have established a sterling reputation as a buyer of precious metals of all kinds, including platinum. We have formed positive relationships with many individuals who continue to bring us their platinum because they trust that we will provide for them the value that they deserve. We don’t harass or haggle those with precious metals to sell; we simply make a cash offer based on the current spot price. If that deal works for you, we pay at that moment.

Interesting Facts about Platinum

Platinum is not simply used for jewelry and other valuables; it has applications in manufacturing as well. Platinum is more difficult to work with than gold because its melting point is over 1,000 degrees hotter than gold. (Gold’s melting point is 1,948℉, platinum’s melting point is 3,215℉.) However, the higher melting point can be an advantage in certain applications. For example, over 50% of platinum in the world is used in the catalytic converters of automobiles to mitigate carbon emissions. Although platinum is a very rare metal, its price has been suppressed to a degree by the increasing demand for electric vehicles.

Selling Your Platinum is Safe and Easy at Crown Gold Exchange

Here at Crown Gold Exchange, we utilize a simple system that protects our clients and makes them feel comfortable whenever they bring us their valuables to sell. When you arrive, one of our buyers greets you and sits with you at a desk, where we examine and test your item(s) right in front of you. We check for purity, weight, and other measurables to assess exactly how much platinum you have. Our scales are calibrated by the State of California’s Department of Weights and Measures, and if we should need to use other special tools to inspect your item(s), we have those tools on hand. We never take your item out of your sight.

After determining the amount of platinum you have, we look up the spot price of platinum at that very moment, and make you an offer based on that price. If you agree to the deal, we pay you immediately using one of our many secure payment methods, so you won’t be waiting around. We never haggle with or pressure our customers into selling; our reputation is too important for us to do that. We want you to enjoy the selling process, so that you will trust us again in the future. 

At Crown Gold Exchange, We Buy ANY Platinum You Bring Us

At Crown Gold Exchange, our customers bring us all kinds of platinum items to sell. Fortunately, most platinum items are made from a high grade of platinum. That means that if you bring us a platinum item, there is an excellent chance that we will make an offer on it! 

Platinum Jewelry

Platinum jewelry often has markings on it to identify its content and purity. Platinum items are often marked with a “Pt” (the chemical symbol for platinum), and a purity rating such as 900 (for 90% purity) or 950 (for 95% purity). The remaining metal in your jewelry may be iridium, rhodium, palladium or copper. Wedding rings are often made out of platinum.



Platinum Coins

Platinum coins typically bear a mark reading “.9995” indicating they are 99.95% pure, or virtually pure. Coins with this standard of purity include the American Eagle Platinum Bullion Coin, the Canadian Platinum Maple Leaf, the Australian Platinum Kangaroo coin, and others. Because platinum is extremely dense, a 1-ounce platinum coin is much thinner than a 1-ounce silver or gold coin.

Other Platinum Items

Certain boutique manufacturers have created a market for small items made out of platinum. Pens, mechanical pencils, cigarette lighters and other smoking accessories, money clips, combs and brushes, penknife cases, and even golf accessories can be made from platinum. Remember, to the untrained eye, platinum can often be mistaken for silver. However, it is often about 50 times more valuable per ounce.

Crown Gold Exchange is the Best Place to Sell your Platinum

At Crown Gold Exchange, we strive to leave you with a positive experience. We work hard to provide you with the very best experience when selling your platinum items, and we know that you have friends that may want to do the same! If we treat you fairly and honestly, we know that you will share your experience with others. So we will go the extra mile to make you feel respected and empowered. 

Many of our customers will walk away from visiting us having learned things about platinum that they never knew before. And many marvel with amazement at just how much their platinum items are worth! And many are pleasantly surprised at how much their platinum items are worth! Let us make the selling process easy and stress-free for you. Call us today to make an appointment with one of our professionals. We look forward to meeting with you.

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