The $3 Indian Princess Gold Coin

The $3 Indian Princess gold coin is a $3 piece that was manufactured between 1854 and 1889. These coins are especially prized because of their unique design and limited production run – as these coins were only produced for a 35 year period, mostly in limited batches. Plus, the fact that they were minted in the 1800’s, makes these coins especially valuable today. Older coins are often more interesting for collectors – plus, rarity is the name of the game. In the first year of this coin’s production, more than 100,000 were struck. Still, the coin saw little actual use, except for on the Western Coast of the US, where gold and silver were still being used instead of paper money.

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This coin’s design is extremely unique as it features the familiar profile of Lady Liberty, but not dressed up as herself. Instead, Lady Liberty is dressed as a Native American Indian princess. This design is the work of the Mint’s then-director James Ross Snowden and chief engraver, James B. Longacre. At the time, coin designs often harkened back to the artwork of ancient Rome and Greece, but Longacre had another idea: why not do something uniquely American? Longacre looked up examples of Lady Liberty drawn with the likeness of a Native American princess, which dated back to the 1600’s. In other words, this style of design was popular for many years before it was put onto the obverse of this coin. Still, when the coin came out it was met with some controversy.

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  • The coin’s face value is $3 USD
  • It is composed of 90% gold and 10% copper
  • The total amount of gold in this coin is equal to .1451 troy ounce 
  • Its mass is 5.015 grams
  • It has a diameter of 20.5 mm or .807 inches
  • The edge is reeded
  • This coin was minted from 1854 to 1889

What are the Mint Marks on the $3 Indian Princess Gold Coin?

This coin features one of the following letters: D, O, or S. These letters represent the following mints: D is for the Denver Mint; O is for the New Orleans Mint; and S is for the San Francisco Mint. The letter printed on the coin corresponds to the US Mint that produced it. Some Mints produce more valuable coins than others. For example, coin’s produced at the San Francisco Mint, in the year 1870 are especially valuable today, because that year, the San Francisco Mint saw a very limited run.

What is the 1870-San Francisco Mint $3 Indian Princess?

This coin is especially valuable as only a limited amount of coins were produced at the San Francisco Mint that year. Only one coin is known to exist. The only 1870-San Francisco coin to make it into the future is graded as an EF-40, meaning it’s an Extremely Fine piece, but it is not in uncirculated, perfect condition. Some collector sights say the coin has damage below Lady Liberty’s bust. The coin is worth a whopping $6 million! The melt value on the coin is worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $250. This just goes to show you, a coin’s value is more than just its grade and metal content – many factors go into a coin’s overall value.

Customer Testimonial

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Can I sell my $3 Indian Princess Gold Coin?

Yes. Keep in mind, these coins are often pretty valuable because of their rarity. Also, there is a value associated with their gold content. You’ll want to work with a reputable dealer that knows the value of these coins and will give you the most fair quote.

Can I purchase a $3 Indian Princess Gold Coin? 

Yes. When it comes to purchasing a coin this valuable, working with a professional is of the utmost importance. You’ll want to work with someone that knows the value of the coin for its metal content AND its historical value.
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