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The American Platinum Eagle is the official platinum bullion coin of the United States. Since its release in 1998, it has featured a number of different eagle designs, and has been minted in four denominations, all of which are legal tender in the US. These four denominations are valued according to how much platinum each contains:

# Troy oz of platinum





Value as tender


Of course, because each of these coins contains platinum, its market value is far greater than its value as tender. As of the time of this writing, the spot price of platinum is $982/toz. This means that if you happen to have a 1-ounce platinum eagle, you should be able to sell it for approximately $982.

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Although these coins all have the same dimensions and tender values, many versions have been created, including several special editions. In 2007, a 10th anniversary commemorative edition set was created. It contained 2 half-ounce platinum eagles, along with a certificate of authenticity, and a mahogany display box. These sets were made available to prospective buyers at $1,949.95 (about $475 more than the coins’ spot price of platinum at that time).

Some of the other special editions include:

Edition: Years:

The Vistas of Liberty 1998 – 2002

The Foundations of Democracy 2006 – 2008

The Preamble to the Constitution 2009 – 2014

The Torches of Liberty 2015 – 2016

The Preamble to the Declaration of Independence 2018 – 2020

Each of these editions features a number of different styles of artwork, although the eagle is the most common subject. There are also graphics depicting each phrase in the two “preamble” commemorative editions. For example, the eagle coin that carries the phrase “to establish justice” features the traditional lady justice, blindfolded and holding scales and a laurel branch.


Grading System for the American Eagle Platinum Coin

In order to gauge the quality of any given coin or round, numismatists or merchants will occasionally hire a coin grading service to examine it and give it a score. Organizations such as the Professional Coin Grading Service or the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation employ a method of grading known as the Sheldon Scale. Developed by Dr. William Herbert Sheldon in 1948, this method requires evaluators to score each coin on the basis of five metrics: strike, preservation, luster, color, and attractiveness. In some cases, the evaluator will also consider the country of origin. The evaluation yields a score from 1 to 70. This score can have a significant impact on the coin’s secondary market value, as collectors typically gravitate toward coins with the fewest flaws.

Types of U.S. Silver Coins

  • Morgan Silver Dollar (1878-1921)
  • Peace Silver Dollar (1921-1935)
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollars (1916-1947)
  • Franklin Half Dollars (1948-1963)
  • Kennedy Half Dollars (1964-1970)
  • Barber or Liberty Head Quarter (1892-1916)
  • Standing Liberty Quarter (1916-1930)
  • Washington Quarters (1932-1964)
  • Jefferson War Nickels 35% silver (1942-1945)
  • Barber or Liberty Head Dimes (1892-1916)
  • Mercury Dimes (1916-1945)
  • Roosevelt Dimes (1946-1964)


At Crown Gold Exchange, we are interested in rare coins, but we are also interested in platinum. With our equipment and training, we can determine how much platinum is in any item you bring us, and therefore its intrinsic value. This is critical for making you an offer; the platinum serves as the base for assessing the item’s value. If your coin also offers a specific interest or appeal to numismatists, that will only make the value increase.

Because the American Eagle Platinum Coin comes from the US Mint, buyers have the faith of the US Government that each coin contains the required amount of pure (99.95%) platinum. But if you should happen to bring in an item that has a lower grade of platinum, we will likely make an offer on it anyway. We buy all precious metals, and we are always looking for platinum.

Customer Testimonial

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Market for American Platinum Eagle Coins

Unless you have considerable experience with the secondary coin market, it might take you a while to discover where you can get the best value for your American Eagle Platinum Coin. Most of our customers are not collectors; if they have a platinum coin, it is often by chance. Were that not the case, they would simply hold onto it. 

If you have American Eagle Platinum Coins and are interested in learning how much they are worth, visit one of our convenient locations in the Southland. We are always ready to talk to you about your item, and in many cases, we can help you understand its market. If you’re open to selling it, we will often make you an offer. And because we are skilled at valuing precious metals, we offer the best rates around. If you agree, we consummate the transaction on the spot, and you walk out with some easy cash.

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Choose Crown Gold Exchange for Selling American Platinum Eagle Coins

At Crown Gold Exchange, we make customer service our top priority. When you walk into our store, we greet you with a smile, and invite you to sit down. As we examine your item, we never take it out of your sight. If we need special equipment to assess its quality, we have it on hand.  After weighing your item, we will check the spot price of platinum, and offer you a one-time, no-nonsense price. We never haggle with our customers or pressure them, because we want our visitors to leave our store with peace of mind regarding their decision. If you refuse our offer, we have no hard feelings. If you agree to sell your item, we then pay you in the form of your choice. This approach works well for our customers. They let us know how comfortable we make them feel, and how pleased they are with the value they are getting for their item. Our hope is that as a result of your positive experience, you will tell your friends about us, and they will also give us a try.  (Note: If you are planning to pay us a visit, we strongly recommend calling ahead for an appointment. We’re happy to see you if you walk in, but calling ahead ensures that the right person will be available to speak with you when you arrive.)


She explained everything to me and it made me feel very comfortable.

Crown Gold Exchange Customer

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