What is the Roosevelt Dime (1946 - 1964)?

The Roosevelt Dime was first produced by the United States Mint in 1946 as a celebration of America in the post-WWII world. It features the face of our 32nd President, Franklin D. Roosevelt. In today’s market, the dimes produced from 1946 to 1964 are especially valued because of their silver content. Additionally, when the coins are in good to excellent condition, they are valued for their collectability – but any coin from this series should be well-preserved when marketed to collectors because they are picky due to the fact that these coins are not very old and are therefore readily available. Franklin D. Roosevelt is still featured on the dime in circulation today.

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How much does a Roosevelt Dime cost now?

The price of a 1946 – 1964 Roosevelt Dime depends on a few different factors, including the overall quality of the coin and the person selling it to you. The coins from this series are generally more affordable than other older coins because they are still around. For newbies, this coin is a good way to begin a collection because of the fact that they are available and affordable. The asking price usually starts at $1 and goes up from there. This doesn’t sound like alot for a coin, but it surely is as the face value of these coins is only ten cents. Therefore, $2 or $3 for a ten cent coin is quite a jump. These coins can command much more than $3 if they are of a high grade, uncirculated.

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Which Roosevelt Dimes are in demand?

Figuring out which coins are in demand is a matter of understanding why people collect the coin. For the Roosevelt Dime, it is a matter of metal composition and historical significance. As always, a coin’s grade is the best indication of its value. 

By closely evaluating a coin and analyzing its look and feel you can get a rough idea of its grade. This will let you know how much a coin is worth. A coin’s grade is the condition it’s in. You’ll want to take a look at the surfaces and see if they’re shiny and full of texture or dull and flat. If they’re shiny and have texture, they’ll be of a high grade. Lower grade coins are dull and flat. The best way to understand a coin’s grade is to have a professional company evaluate your coin collection. 

The most desired Roosevelt Dimes are the ones in the best condition. This means that uncirculated pieces are especially desired by collectors because they were locked up after minting and are now in excellent shape with an appearance that makes them look brand new. When a sixty, seventy or eighty year old coin looks as though it was minted yesterday, that’s truly a wonder. This is why collectors are especially keen on these. 

If you’re looking at an excellent, uncirculated coin, you’ll see that the raised inscriptions and imagery are still raised, never smooth, never faded. The coin will be perfectly intact, as though time never passed. On the other hand, a coin that has aged through heavy circulation will be without texture. It will be flat and smooth to the touch. It will be hard to make out the inscription and the shapes in the imagery.


What does the Future Look Like for Roosevelt Dimes?

It’s difficult to predict the exact value of a coin in future years, but we do know that coin’s often become more and more expensive as time goes on. This is especially true of coins that have precious metal content. Roosevelt Dimes contain 90% silver, which adds to their overall value and ensures value in the years to come. Production of this coin ceased in the 1960’s, which means that there are no new coins being produced. It also means that less and less coins will be on the market as time goes on. This is something we see with any coin series that is no longer in circulation. This is why Roosevelt Dimes are a good investment. Getting your hands on one now is a better idea than waiting, because the value of this type of coin usually does increase – especially if it is a well-preserved.

Can I sell my Roosevelt Dime (1946 -1964)? 

Yes. Roosevelt Dimes from this period can be bought or sold, but you’ll want to work with a broker that knows these coins and their value. Value fluctuates, but as more and more people understand the value of collecting silver, the price will appreciate accordingly.

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Can I purchase a Roosevelt Dime (1946 -1964)?

Yes. Of course, you’ll want to work with someone who knows the value of these coins.

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