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Gold jewelry from the Philippines is normally 18 karat or 22 karat, and sometimes 14 karat. This type of gold is bright yellow in color; and it doesn’t tarnish or rust. 

Fillipino gold is normally stamped: 

  • 14 karat is marked as “585” or “14k” 
  • 18 karat will be marked with a “750” or “18k”
  • 22 karat is marked as “916” or “22k”
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Gold Coins

The Phillipines minted a series of gold coins through the Manila Mint called the “Peso”; these coins come in a variety of denominations. Gold coins and gold bars are highly valuable, especially to collectors.

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What parts of the Philippines does Filipino gold come from?

The Philippines is thought to be sitting on a mountain of gold. But is it true? With 15 of its provinces considered “gold-rich”, it sure looks this way. In reality, the Philippines is not a top world producer of gold – it ranks somewhere near the 20th. But still, experts estimate that if mines worked at their maximum capacity, the Philippines could be produce more gold than it actually does – some reports claim the Philippines could be the second largest exporter of gold, just behind China, if mines worked at maximum capacity. actually . 

So, where in the Philippines are gold mines found? Gold production in the Philippines is centered around the following districts: Baguio, Paracale, Masara, Surigao and Masbate. In addition to gold, the Phillipines produces silver, copper, nickel, chromite and other base metals.

How many karats is Philippines gold?

Fillipino gold is usually 18 karat or 22 karat, but it can sometimes be 14 karat.

How do you know if it is Fillipino gold or not?

Again, Fillipino gold is normally either 18 karat or 22 karat, though it’s sometimes 14 karat. The best way to identify whether your gold jewelry has come from the Philippines is to know the history of your jewelry piece. Another way to identify Fillipino gold jewelry is to look for a hallmark. In the Philippines, gold jewelry will likely be marked to identify its purity – this is called a hallmark. 22 karat gold may be marked as “22k” or “916”, 18 karat gold may be marked as “18k” or “750” and 14 karat gold may be marked as “14k” or “585”.

Common types of Fillipino gold jewelry

Gold filigree is popular in Filipino jewelry. The intricate designs are a testament to Fillipino craftsmanship perfected from generation to generation on the pre-Phillipine islands – well before Spanish influence. Even long ago, gold was popular among Phillipine tribal communities. For example, in the Philippines’ native Bikol section, gold fillings on the teeth were popular. Gold jewelry of the region was made of gemstone, seeds and beads; tribal jewelry often incorporated gold with precious stones inlaid on necklaces, chokers and bracelets. These are all influences in today’s Filipino gold jewelry. 

Is Fillipino gold jewelry sellable in the US?

Yes. You can sell your gold jewelry from the Philippines  in the US. Buyers will likely want to test your gold. Why? Because even though gold from the Philippines will likely be marked for its purity, some of it isn’t. 

Can you buy Fillipino gold in the US? 

Yes. Gold is an excellent investment opportunity. Whether you’re looking for Philippines gold jewelry or Philippines gold coins, finding a reputable seller is your next stop.

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