Great Britain Britannia Gold Coin

What is the Great Britain Britannia Gold Coin?

This coin, first introduced by the Royal Mint in 1987, is one of the world’s most sought after bullion coins. It comes in gold and two other precious metals. The gold Britannia was released in 1987; the silver Britannia came out in 1997; and the platinum version of the coin came out in 2018. The coins are sold either individually or in mint tubes of 10 and “monster” boxes of 100.

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Britannia gold coins have a face value of £100 and are composed of one troy ounce of gold. Here are the face values associated with each weight of gold coin: 

  • 1 oz with a face value of £100
  • ½ oz with a face value of £50
  • ¼ oz with a face value of £25
  • 1/10 oz  with a face value of £10

In 2013 two additional coin denominations were added. Here are the face values associated with them: 

  • 5 oz with a face value of £500
  • 1/12 oz with a face value of £5


Beginning in 2013, the Britannia became produced in 24 karat gold, with a millesimal fineness of 0.9999. Up until that year, the coins were produced at 91.7% gold, otherwise known as 22 karat gold, with a millesimal fineness of 0.917. The alloys used were copper until 1989 and silver, beginning in 1990.

Specifications of 2013 Gold Britannia  

  • 5 oz with a diameter of 65 mm, or 156.295 g
  • 1 oz with a diameter of 38.61 mm, or 31.104 g
  • ½ oz with a diameter of 27 mm, or 15.60 g
  • ¼ oz with a diameter of 22 mm, or 7.86 g
  • 1/10 oz with a diameter of 16.50 mm, or 3.13 g
  • 1/12 oz with a diameter of 12 mm, or 1.58 g

Specifications of 1987–2012 Gold Britannia (gold content) 

  • 1 oz with a diameter of 32.69 mm, or 31.104 
  • ½ oz with a diameter of 27.00 mm, or 15.552 g
  • ¼ oz with a diameter of 22.00 mm, or 7.776 g
  • 1/10 oz with a diameter of 16.50 mm, or 3.110 g
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Each of the coins in this collection feature a depiction of Philip Nathan’s Britannia – the female personification of Great Britain. She’s pictured different ways on the different coins. First created in 1987, Nathan’s Britannia is an enduring symbol of Great Britain. The original animation features a woman in a flowing dress; she’s standing boldly beside a piece of armor encrusted with the Union Flag – a symbol which exudes Britain’s perseverance and strength. In her other hand, the woman holds an olive branch, which represents peace and the desire to remain friends with other nations.

On the coin’s reverse, an image of Queen Elizabeth stands alone. The profile is a rather recent image of the Queen.

Silver Coins

The royal mint released the Britannia silver coin in 2017. It’s worth £2 British pounds and is made of .999 fine silver – an improvement from years before when coins were .958 fineness.  With the release of this coin, the public became reacquainted with Royal mint, which is one of the oldest and most recognized mints in the world, operating for more than one thousand years, continuously. The mint is known for producing items with incredible craftsmanship. Over the years, the mint has cultivated a following because people know the trust and assurance that comes with buying a piece from them. The weight and purity of each coin is backed by the government of the United Kingdom. They’re priced at a competitive rate, the same as any other silver bullion coin.

How many karats is the Great Britain Britannia gold coin?

The Britannia coin of Great Britain is made of one-ounce of pure gold and has an original face value of £100. Like most other coins of this nature, the value of the Britannia fluctuates in value. Its price depends on the current spot price of gold and the worldwide demand for gold bullion coins. This coin is also produced in silver and platinum. There are additional denominations of the coin – ½ oz, ¼ oz, 1/10 oz, and 1/12 oz.

Can you buy Britannia coins?

Yes. When purchasing a Britannia, you’re buying it for its beauty and collectibility, but also, you’re buying it for its content of gold, silver, or platinum. This is the most important thing to consider – the purity and the content of the precious metal. 

Since the coin’s first production in 1987, it has been a popular coin among investors, coin hobbyists, and numismatists. As always, when purchasing coins it’s important to work with a reputable dealer who has the correct paperwork and knowledge to understand what they’re working with.

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