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Thai gold is usually 23 karat, meaning it is a very pure, highly valuable gold. It is a very bright, intense yellow in color. In recent years less pure gold pieces have made their way into the Thai gold market because they are stronger and more durable than pure, 23 karat gold –  but pure gold still reigns supreme because of its investment potential. Next, let’s talk about the history of gold in Thailand.

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A history lesson

Thailand was known as Siam up until 1939; the name Siam means gold in Sanskrit. The Chinese referred to Thailand as the ‘peninsula of gold’; and Indians called Thailand ‘the land of gold’. And even Buddha has historical roots in gold: Thailand is known for being the home of The Great Buddha of Thailand, a giant statue made in Buddha’s honor. Buddha’s skin is thought to have a golden complexion according to historical literature. Traditional Buddha and other religious statues are often made of gold, as are religious pendants and other jewelry of religious significance.

Gold coins

In Thailand, the Gold Baht is a highly collectable gold coin; it comes in several different denominations.

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What part of Thailand does Thai gold come from?

Gold is one of Thailand’s biggest exports. (Other big Thai exports are petroleum, rice, rubber and diamonds.) In 2004, Thailand exported more than 30 billion baht of gold jewelry. Thailand exports gold to the US, UK, and Hong Kong – but normally in 10 karat, 14 karat, and 18 karat gold jewelry pieces – while jewelry destined for the home market is generally 23 karat, though some pieces of less purity have made their way into the Thai market in recent years. In Thailand, gold is a booming sector with more than 6,000 gold shops in markets across the country; plus Bangkok is home to at least 60 gold wholesalers.

How many karats are in Thai gold?

Thai gold is generally 23 karat and is stamped with a “965”. This gold is 96.5% pure gold; the other 3.5% of metals are silver and bronze. Some Thai dealers will also sell 22 karat gold, 20 karat gold and 18 karat gold – though 23 karat is by far the most popular with Thai consumers. Often Thai gold under 23 karats will not be stamped.

How can you tell if it is Thai gold or not?

The first thing to know is that Thai gold jewelry is sold in baht. 1 baht is 15.16 grams of gold. Additionally, Thai gold is generally going to be 23 karats, which is very pure and very yellow in color. 

Next, let’s talk about the “M” clasp, which is another way to identify whether jewelry is Thai gold. 

The “M” clasp

Traditional Thai gold jewelry often comes with a specific gold clasp, known as an “M” clasp or an “N” clasp. The “M” clasp is for necklaces while the “N” clasp is for bracelets. They got their names because they look like the letter “M” and the letter “N” respectively. They are made of the same 23 karat gold Thai jewelry is made of and the color is the same too.

Common types of Thai gold jewelry?

In Thailand gold jewelry is worn by rich and poor alike. It is often purchased for its wearable beauty, but also as a financial investment. Furthermore, in Buddhism gold is a symbol of wealth as much as it is a symbol of luck. On the streets of Thailand you will see large amulets in the likeness of Buddha worn by wealthy Thai men to showcase their status. These pendants are generally made of 23 karat gold and sit on a 23 karat gold chain.  Popular Thai gold jewelry may incorporate: 
  • an homage to Siam roots 
  • avant-garde aesthetics 
  • Thai architecture 
  • Buddhist religious symbols and figures

Can you sell Thai gold in the US? 

Yes, you can sell your gold from Thailand in the United States. Your buyer will likely want to test the gold because often Thai gold jewelry is not stamped. This is especially true of any Thai gold jewelry less than 23 karat which will likely not be stamped on its underside. 

Can you buy Thai gold jewelry? 

Yes. Thai gold jewelry, coins and gold bars have excellent investment potential and can be purchased online or in-person in Thailand. Purchasing in Thailand In Thailand most gold shops are located in the capital city of Bangkok, specifically in its  Chinatown district. Chinatown’s Yaowarat Road, along the river Chao Phraya is known for its quality gold stores.

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