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What is Turkish gold?

Turkish gold dates back to 3000 BC during the period of Ancient Anatolia, Asia Minor. Turkish gold can be 10-karat, 12-karat, 14-karat, 18-karat or 20-karat. Though, the lower karat Turkish gold is usually produced for the American retail market. The purity stamps found on Turkish gold are normally:

  • 10-karat ‘417’
  • 14-karat is ‘585’
  • 18-karat is ‘750’
  • 21-karat is ‘875’
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Turkish gold coins

Gold coins are highly valuable, especially among collectors. Here are the varieties and denomination of Turkish gold coins:

Gold Kurus https://coinquest.com/cgi-bin/cq/coins.pl?coin=14649

  • Gold Kurush: 25, 50,100, 250, 500
  • Turkish Gold Lira and the New Turkish Gold Lira : in various denominations and values

What parts of Turkey does Turkish gold come from?

Turkish gold jewelry production

Gold jewelry creation and manufacturing is one of Turkey’s beloved traditions – it’s been happening for 5,000 years. In modern day, one of Turkey’s biggest gold jewelry makers is the Goldas factory. 

According to the World Gold Council, Turkey is a leading exporter and manufacturer of gold. It also has one of the planet’s most voracious appetites for gold – it ranks within the top five biggest markets for gold jewelry. With Turkey’s history of gold, this makes sense. Anatolia, on the peninsula of Asia Minor, has been producing gold jewelry for more than 5,000 years. 


In 2020 a Turkish fertilizer company found a gold deposit worth around $6 billion. The gold was found in Sögüt, located in Turkey’s central-western region. Turkish governmental officials say they will begin extracting gold from the region within the next two years.

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How many karats is Turkish gold?

Turkish gold can be 10-karat all the way up to 22-karat. The lower karats (10-karat, 14-karat) are often bound for American retailers.

How can you tell if it’s Turkish gold or not?

The best way to tell Turkish gold apart from the rest is to look for stamps, known as hallmarks. Turkish gold is often hallmarked with the following markings: 

  • 10-karat gold will say ‘417’
  • 14-karat gold will say ‘585’
  • 18-karat gold will say ‘750’
  • 21-karat gold will say ‘875’

Common types of Turkish gold jewelry

The Ottoman empire was especially known for its unique, intricate jewelry patterns and motifs. Here we will discuss popular traditional jewelry from the Ottoman empire:

  • In the Ottoman empire, Turkish gold was not only used to create ornate jewelry pieces, it was used on objects like utensils, weapons and books. 
  • Jewelry popular during various phases of the Ottoman empire included multiple types of metals in one piece of jewelry – this is very different than European-style jewelry which incorporates only one metal at a time. 
  • Popular jewelry styles of the time incorporated the use of flowers including tulips, rose and violet; as well as bees, birds and butterflies. 
  • Bangle bracelets were purchased for their investment potential, not as a fashionable jewelry piece. 
  • Also popular was the signet ring, ensconced in rubies, carnelian, amethyst and jade. 
  • Ottoman women popularized chokers as well as long necklaces; rich Ottoman women would wear gold coins fashioned into necklaces.

Can you sell Turkish gold in the US?

Yes. The important part is to find a buyer who will respect you and the value of your piece. One tip to keep in your back pocket: always choose to work with someone who respects you, your time and the item that you have brought in to sell. 

Can you buy Turkish gold jewelry?

Gold jewelry from Turkey can be purchased in Turkey or on the internet. Additionally, Turkish gold coins should be bought from reputable dealers who know what they are working with and know the value of the pieces.

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