Buffalo 1 oz Silver Coin

What is the Buffalo 1 oz silver round?

These rounds are known for their beautiful imagery, which pays tribute to the early native American tribes and the American buffalo, a once endangered animal and a symbol of westward expansion. The round’s design was inspired by James Earle Fraser’s 1913 Buffalo Nickel, also known as the Indian Head Nickel, which was issued until 1938. Fraser, a celebrated American sculptor, is the force behind both of the images featured on this round, back and front.

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How fine is the Buffalo 1 oz silver round?

These rounds are composed of 1 oz of .999 fine silver.

What is the Buffalo 1 oz silver round worth?

The Buffalo silver round is not considered legal tender but is still very valuable. The value of this coin comes from a couple different things. First, it’s worth it’s weight in silver and fluctuates in price all of the time. Second, it’s beautiful design makes it a favorite among collectors. The price on this round is going to change based on the current spot price of silver. For this reason there’s no way to say exactly how much it’s worth. It’s produced at various private mints throughout the United States.


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With that said, the Buffalo silver round looks very similar to a coin, especially with the familiar design that originated from sculptor James Earle Fraser’s Indian Head Nickel, originally produced in 1913. Fraser’s design is considered to be the most well-known of all the coin designs ever produced in the US. You may recognize the design from the American Buffalo gold coin. Fraser’s work is extremely popular. He was celebrated as a sculptor throughout his life and even after his death. Fraser learned the art form from training under well-known sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who is most widely known for his work on the American Gold Eagle coin. 

On the obverse of the Buffalo silver round is the profile of a Native American, an ode to the original occupants of the land. The man looks straight ahead with bold, strong features and his hair pulled into a side braid. In the center of his hair are feathers. Above him is the word “Liberty” inscribed on the top right section of the round. 

On the reverse is the left-facing  profile of a big, strong American buffalo, also known as a bison. The bison was chosen as an ode to the great expansion westward and the spirit of the American pioneer. The majestic animal stands on top of a small mound of grass or dirt; its feet are firmly planted on the ground. The sketch is thought to be of a beloved buffalo by the name of Black Diamond. Diamond was a fixture at the Central Park Zoo when James Earle Fraser sought inspiration for the Indian Head Nickel. It’s believed that Fraser sketched out the Buffalo (Indian Head) Nickel sculpture right there at Central Park Zoo. 

Also included in each coin’s design is an inscription bearing the round’s weight and purity. This is not on every coin, though. These coins are not produced as consistently as US mint coins, therefore the use of a weight and purity inscription is only seen on rounds produced at some private mints. Other mints don’t bother with this inscription.

Round highlights

  • This round contains 1 oz of .999 fine silver
  • The round can be purchased in a variety of ways. When purchasing individual rounds, these come in protective individual packaging. For multiples, they can either be purchased in plastic tubes containing 20 rounds, or, to buy in bulk, they can be purchased in multiples of 500 in what are called, “monster boxes” 
  • These rounds do not have an actual face value
  • On the obverse of these rounds is a Native American pictured with an inscription of  the American motto “LIBERTY”
  • On the reverse of these rounds is an American bison thought to be Black Diamond, standing strongly on top of a pile of grass or dirt. It is believed that this image was sketched out by Fraser while visiting New York City’s Central Park Zoo. 
  • The specifications on this round are measured at 39 mm in diameter and 2.98 mm thick.

Customer Testimonial

Can you buy Buffalo 1 oz silver rounds?

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Yes, but, keep in mind, these rounds are not coins. They do not have a face value and cannot be used as legal tender. That said, rounds are a wonderful way to invest in silver. As always, when purchasing rounds or coins it’s important to work with a reputable dealer who has the correct paperwork and knowledge to understand what they’re working with.

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