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What is the10 oz silver bar (poured eagle design)?

The 10 oz silver bar is an excellent way to buy and invest in silver bullion. For those that haven’t yet made this type of investment, this bar is a wonderful entry into the world of bullion. For those that already have bullion bars in their collection, this bar would be an excellent addition to your portfolio of silver 10 oz bars. 

These hand poured bars are minted in the US by a variety of private refineries. The hand pouring process makes the end result unique each and every time a bar is created. After pouring, each bar is set aside to cool. Once the cooling process is complete each bar is stamped with an eagle design. Also stamped on the bar is its content: 10 troy oz in weight and .9999 purity in silver. The purity level is another component that makes this bar unique and a great investment. Being .9999 pure silver or four 9’s pure means the bar is exceptionally fine. 

The way these bars are made is both unique and interesting. Before the bar is even stamped some of that uniqueness shows through. The bars are created from a melted silver shot and are poured into a mold composed of graphite. But despite the uniqueness of these bars they look like several other generic bars on the market today. Many bullion bars look alike and this one is no exception.

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How fine is a 10 oz silver bar?

This bar, also known as the poured eagle design, is very pure. At 10 troy oz, it contains .9999 pure silver – that’s four 9’s pure!


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These bars are also known as ‘eagle design silver bars.’  They are very popular in the silver market for a variety of reasons. One interesting aspect of these bars is their design. On the obverse of the bar is an American bald eagle swooping down with expanded wings and talons in a position that looks like the bird is about to catch its prey. Also on the bar are inscriptions regarding the bar’s weight and purity. Interestingly, the entire back of the bar is blank – just some texturing but no imagery and no words.


  • These bars contain 10 troy oz of .9999 pure silver, otherwise known as ‘four 9’s pure’
  • Each bar is hand poured into a graphite mold
  • When the bars cool they are stamped with the image of an eagle as well as specifications about the purity and weight of the bar

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Can you buy a 10 oz silver bar?

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Yes. These bullion bars are very well known and popular. Each of these bars is hand poured and each end product comes out unique. This aspect has given these bars another level of favor with collectors, and, the truth is, these bars are popular among collectors now and they have been ever since they first debuted. As always, when purchasing coins it’s important to work with a reputable dealer who has the correct paperwork and knowledge to understand what they’re working with.

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