We buy silver jewelry in all conditions including damaged, unwanted, vintage, antique, or just out of style. Most silver jewelry is Sterling Silver which means that it’s 92.5% silver. Such jewelry typically has a hallmark indicating the word “sterling”, or a stamp that says “.925”. If you converted sterling silver to a karat, it would be considered 22.2 karat silver, a very high percentage of silver. Many silver jewelry pieces have turquoise and we can try to remove them for you if they are large enough.

Silverware and flatware

Do you have a sterling silverware set you never use? Bring that set of old sterling silver forks, spoons, knives, and serving utensils and get paid for them instantly in our store. Whether you have just one spoon, or an entire set, you’ll be surprised at how much it’s worth.

Sterling silverware can come in all shapes and sizes including tea sets, tea pots, napkin holders, silver platters, salt and pepper shakers, silver trays and we buy it all.