We helped catch this burglar! Here’s how to protect your stuff…

Justice, Crown Gold Exchange Style

Recently, the city of Corona caught a serial burglar who had invaded many IE homes over the past several years. When he was caught, authorities found thousands of items in his motel room and a separate storage facitility all organized by the date and location from where they were stolen. Here’s how we Crown Gold Exchange helped make it happen:A Facebook user posted a video of a man breaking into his home with a crowbar to the “What’s Up Corona” Facebook group. The thief took thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and other items from the home before GRABBING A SODA and fleeing the scene. The homeowner’s plea for the community to help catch the suspect didn’t go unnoticed. Turns out, the burglar brought the stolen goods to Crown Gold Exchange to sell! After connecting the dots, we notified the authorities and they arrested the man a few days later. You can read the whole story here. This got us thinking. What advice can we share to help people protect their items from theft?

Household Protection

1. Security systems (ADT, the monitoring center,etc.)2. Protective window film. This film helps slow down and prevent break-ins by holding windows together. Check it out here on Amazon.3. Security cameras (Nest, Ring)4. Heavy safe. Get a heavy safe that’s difficult to move and check the rating.  TL-15 or TL-30 ratings are the best. This means that the best safe crackers in the world take an average of 15 to 30 minutes to break in.  In most cases, it will take a locksmith 8-12 hours to break into safes with this rating.  They also can’t be pried open with a crowbar. 


Insure your items for actual replacement value.  For example, many people buy a piece of jewelry for $5,000. Then they get it appraised for $10,000.  If you take the $10,000 appraisal to your insurance company, you’re over paying for insuring your item.  If you paid $5,000, then you should feel confident you would be able to buy it for the same price again provided that too much time hasn’t gone by for inflation to matter.

Safety Deposit Box/Offsite Storage

Protecting your items in a bank or other offsite storage facility is very safe and cheap.  The smallest safety deposit boxes start at about $5/month, but a drawback is the limited accessibility. You’ll be limited to the bank business hours if you ever need to access your items. This is not frequently a problem but, in case of financial emergency, this could create an issue. 

Sell Your Valuables Instead

Or you could sell the valuable items you never intend to use to Crown Gold Exchange. We’ve heard too many stories of people who had their homes broken into and had their jewelry stolen. Sell your mismatched earrings, broken gold jewelry, or gold coins.  If you don’t intend to protect your items, why put your valuables at risk?
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