If I Had A Nickel…What is a Certified Coin Exchange?


The next time you get a handful of pennies back from the gas station, you might want to take a second look at them before putting them in a change drawer. You may not realize this, but some coins can make you rich.  For example, look at the 1794 “Flowing Hair Silver Dollar”, which sold […]

Your Guide To Finding And Taking Part In Local Jewelry Appraisals

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Getting jewelry appraisal can be an intimidating process. Will it be a good experience or a stressful one? How do you know you’re getting the best offer? Finding the right appraiser is the first step towards getting a fair and accurate appraisal. But should you look for someone local or do it all online? This […]

Finding And Vetting Silver Buyers Near You: How To Sell Your Silver


When money is tight, finding ways to make a little extra cash can mean the difference between paying your bills or going into debt. If you’re experiencing money troubles, you’re not alone. In fact, more than 53 percent of the American workforce lives paycheck to paycheck. Luckily, selling silver jewelry, collectibles, and coins that you […]

What’s the Best Jewelry Appraisal Near Me? 10 Questions to Ask

jewelry appraisal near me

Are you wondering how much your jewelry is worth? Maybe you inherited a collection of rings, chains and baubles from a loved one, and you’re curious about their value. Or, perhaps you’re cleaning out your jewelry box and are ready to get rid of items you haven’t used in a while — and make some […]

The Ultimate Watch Appraisal Guide

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Do you need to find out how much your watch is worth? One would think that all you need to do is look the make and model up online. But that’s not the case with all watches.  Especially nowadays, there are plenty of replicas that don’t look much different from the real thing. So it […]

Where Is the Best Place to Sell Gold? The Ultimate Guide

jewels and gold coins

Have you struck treasure or just been cleaning out your jewelry box? If so, you might be looking for the best place to sell gold. Gold has played a huge role in currency historically, so it should be handled with care and brought to the best place for exchange. But where do you begin when […]

Size Up Your Sparkle: How Does the Diamond Appraisal Process Work?

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Staring at that bauble on your hand, wondering how much it’s really worth? Or, maybe you have a loose or antique diamond tucked into your jewelry box and you’re curious about cashing it in. Either way, a diamond appraisal can give you the answers you need. This document reveals a significant amount of information about […]

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