Get Paid for Your Class Ring

Summertime is coming quickly!

Alongside summer comes graduation for many high school and college students. Do you remember your graduation? It was probably a while ago now and your memento from that time, your class ring, gathers dust in your dresser. What you should be doing is keeping the memories but ditching the jewelry. There is no reason to be keeping a gold ring like that in a drawer when you could be getting paid for it. You used to wear it with pride to show off a little bit about yourself but now you are so much more than your graduation year on a gaudy gold band.

Take a trip, buy some new summer clothes, treat yourself! Why keep a piece of jewelry that you never wear and doesn’t hold any sentimental value anymore? We don’t mind how specific the ring was to your school, year, sport, mascot, etc. We still want it!

Dig out your old class ring and bring it to us at Crown Gold Exchange. Getting paid is as simple as the drive to your nearest Crown Gold Exchange location. Find yours

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