Your Coins May Be Worth More Than You Think!

25 Cents of Silver

The year was 1964. The US Treasury made the transition from silver-based coins to a mixture of zinc and copper. How could this affect you today? Well, quarters, dimes, and half-dollars produced before 1964 were 90% silver! In pure numbers this means that your 25¢ quarter could be worth much more with some figures pointing upwards of $2-$3 dollars for one quarter, based on today’s price of silver. Other coins of value are the War Nickels produced during World War II because these contained silver rather than nickel and the Kennedy Half-Dollars made between 1965-1969 which contained 40% silver. Now these are just the ones that you can quickly identify as you sort but there are many types of coins that may be worth more than you think.

Grab that piggy bank and break it open because it may be holding a sweet payday. You will want to skip the Coin Star or the bank because they will only give you the face value of the coin. When you visit Crown Gold Exchange you can get your coins appraised for what they are actually worth in an environment that is comfortable and without pressure to sell. We have tons of locations around Southern California convenient for most residents! Find yours today!

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