Diamonds and the 4 C’s

Diamonds are a fascinating part of society. Everyone knows just by looking at a diamond that they are seeing something beautiful, but how are the true values of these gems determined? In order to consistently compare and value a diamond, the Gemological Institute of America created 4 factors to achieve this. These factors are the 4 C’s of diamond quality. Clarity, Cut, Color, and Carat Weight allow us to value these precious stones.

A diamond’s clarity is measured through inclusions and blemishes. These are irregularities on the interior and exterior, respectively. The fewer inclusions or blemishes, the higher the value of a diamond. A flawless diamond has no visible inclusions or blemishes and are very rare. The clarity of a diamond is a hugely important part of valuing a diamond. A trade-offs can occur when a diamond’s weight is reduced in favor of improving its clarity.

Diamond sellers cut each diamond. Think of the cut as the shape of the diamond. It determines the dimensions and proportions of the diamond. Cut types include round, princess, pear, marquis, and more. Cut ratings range from poor to excellent. Better cuts reflect light better and look more dazzling. Learn more about cuts here.

Color is pretty self-explanatory. While many diamonds seem colorless, they typically contain tinges of yellow or brown. A colorless diamond is very rare and more expensive. However, diamonds do not only come in these three color variations. Diamonds can be green, red, purple, and many more.

Carat Weight
A Carat is the term for a diamond’s weight and is linked to its value. Measuring in at 1/5 of a gram, carats are also divided into hundredths, known as points. A 1.12 carat diamond is 1 carat and 12 points. A Diamond’s value is not directly related to carat weight. A 2 carat diamond can be worth much more than 2 times a 1 carat diamond because these larger diamonds are more rare.

Learn more about diamonds at the Gemology Institute of America! And visit your nearest Crown Gold Exchange location to appraise and sell your diamonds, gold, silver, and more!

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