How To Invest In Gold

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how to invest in gold

7 Ways To Invest In Gold

Do you want to know how to invest in gold with trillions of dollars being printed, economic experts are telling us that massive inflation is just around the corner. Many financial planners agree that investing in gold is essential for a well-rounded portfolio. And historically gold has proven to be a reliable store of value. I’m Cesar Meyer with Crown Gold Exchange and today I’ll show you seven ways how you can invest in gold today.

There are two categories when it comes to owning a stake in gold Paper holdings and the physical product, let’s start with paper holdings.

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How To Invest In Gold With Paper Holdings

These are securities. You can buy in the stock market through your brokerage. Nowadays, most brokerages offer $0 commission trades. And if you don’t have a brokerage, try Merrill Lynch through bank of America, TD Ameritrade or weeble, I recommend these companies because they allow you to invest through your IRA, which gives you additional tax advantages. So what exactly are you going to buy? And by no means, is this any financial advice it’s simply to explain your options to you? Your first option is the ticker symbol, G L D. This is an investment tied as closely as possible to the physical metal without actually holding it. 
It’s a fund where the money you put in is backed by physical gold. As money is put into this fund, the fund buys actual gold bars that are 400 ounces each and are stored in an HSBC vault in London. As of April, 2021. This fund has almost 33 million ounces worth almost $60 billion.

How To Invest In Gold Mining Companies

Your next option is to invest in gold mining companies. This is one way you can be a gold Digger that Kanye would Approve. These are businesses that have huge capital expenses in mining equipment, employee expenses, maintenance, and much more as a price of gold goes up. The mining costs stay relatively the same. So the profit margins just get bigger and bigger, but if the price of gold goes down, it might make better financial sense to lower production, or just close down until the price of gold goes back up. Examples of gold mining companies you can invest in are Barrett gold, ticker, G O L D. Yes. That’s the one Warren buffet bought and sold last year for a loss, unfortunately, or Newmont mining, ticker, N E M. There are a few more, but those are just a couple.

How To Invest In gold royalty companies

How about investing in a gold royalty company? These are companies who own the mineral rights to the land that they’re mining they’ll get paid. When others do the digging kind of like a gold pimp, the royalty company doesn’t necessarily do any mining themselves. Instead, they contract with a mining company and collect a percentage of whatever they pull out of the ground. These companies spend the majority of their time, either looking for land, to buy buying the rights to the land. Once a new claim is found and also financing the mining companies with whom they contract a few royalty companies, you can invest in our Wheaton precious ticker, WPM, Franco, Nevada corporation, ticker FNV or sandstorm gold LTD, ticker S a N D.

Investing In Companies That Buy And Sell Physical Gold

Your fourth option on the paper holding side is that you can invest in companies that buy and sell the physical gold. These companies sell directly to retail investors, wholesale dealers, as well as to industrial fabricators. They also provide storage, logistics services and financing for gold. An example of a company like this is A-mark ticker symbol, a M R K.

How To Invest In Gold Bars And Boullion

Now let’s get to investing in the second case category, buying physical gold, your fifth option starts with gold bars and Boullion. Boullion like little soup flavor packets. Gold Bullion is the generic term for any privately minted investment grade gold product.

What makes school blend investment grade? It’s something that shows three things, okay. It shows the purity, which should say 99.9% pure or better the weight which should read in many forms like grams, tray, ounces, fraction of ounces, or even entails no, not the kind of tale your nephew uses to move the neighbor’s cat out of the way. And of course the metal type we should either read gold, G O L D, or sometimes it’s chemical element symbol, a you as an AE, you want to buy some gold.

How To Buy Gold Coins

You can also invest in gold by purchasing gold coins. These are slightly different from buying gold bullion because these products are made by a sovereign nation, like the U S Canada, UK, Australia, South Africa, China, you get the picture gold coins also don’t always show those three things mentioned about gold bullion.

Many times they don’t mention the purity of the coin and can range from being 90% pure 22 karat pure and 24 carat pure. One thing gold coins will show is the currency denomination. For example, a one ounce American gold Eagle coin. Doesn’t say it’s 22 karat gold. However it’s legal tender and says $50 on it. And you can actually spend it for it’s $50 in face value if you were well stupid that’s because one ounce of gold is worth almost $2,000.

Investing In Gold numismatics

The seventh way to invest in gold is through numismatics. This is just a fancy word for investing in the gold quality or quantity rarity. You’ll see these coins graded by reputable grading companies like PCG S or NGC And are slammed in a protective sealed plastic holder with a particular serial number and a hologram. For example, this coin from 1822 sold for $8.4 million, because if the only known specimen that’s in private hands, however, the gold content itself is worth less than $500. Numismatic coins have the potential to have tremendous growth in value because as time goes on, they become more and more rare. Just be careful not to when you buy them. It’s super easy to check recent comparable sales on sites like eBay, and also on PCG S point facts. Keep in mind that sales prices you see include all commissions and fees to learn more about how to buy physical gold, check out our next video, which is called how to buy physical gold. If you want to buy physical gold or still have more questions, get in touch with us by clicking the banner below!

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