Karat or Carat and Other F.A.Q.s

Karat or Carat, Which is Correct?

These two terms can be confusing to many. People frequently use them in similar contexts, concerning precious items. However, these two words are each distinct with specific reasons for use.
Karat: This is a measure of purity for gold. The maximum number of karats that gold can be is 24. Therefore, a 10 Karat piece of gold is only 10/24th gold or 41.7% gold and the rest is typically a mix of other metal such as copper, nickel, and even silver. Naturally, the higher the karat number, the more gold is in your item.
Carat: The word “carat” comes from early Europeans using a carob seed as a unit of measurement.  A carat is a unit of mass measuring at 0.2g. 5 carats equal 1.00 grams.  We utilize this number for measuring precious gems such as diamonds.

Can You Make Diamonds from Coal?

The imagery is iconic. A lumpy piece of coal pressed to reveal a flawless, sparkling diamond. While this may seem sound on the surface, this is not possible. Diamonds are created from pure carbon and coal is made from carbon and several other materials, including bacteria. Unfortunately, you won’t be making your own beautiful stones any time soon.

Where Do I Find a Place to Sell my Items?

Lucky for you we have locations all over Southern California! All you need to do is put in your Zip Code here and you can find the location nearest you! Bring in your Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Jewelry and More for Instant Payment!

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