What It’s Like to Sell at Crown Gold Exchange

Crown Gold Exchange is the best place to sell your gold in Southern California. If you’ve never sold your unwanted gold, silver, or diamonds before then here is what to expect when selling at Crown Gold Exchange.

Gather Items

First, take a look through your junk drawers, old jewelry cases, and moving boxes you never unpacked. Odds are that you will find something of value that you really don’t care to have. Those are the items we look for. For example, the unpaired earrings, the broken bracelets, the inherited silverware, etc.

Look for Your Nearest Crown Gold Exchange

Luckily, we have locations all over SoCal! All you need to do is visit CrownGoldExchange.com to find the nearest location.

Have Your Goods Evaluated for free

Next, our professionals evaluate your items for free. This is where they determine, through their specialized training, what is gold, silver, platinum, or diamond. Something that is 10 karat gold has less gold than something that is 18 karat gold. After the items have been categorized, it’s time to “weigh it and pay it!”. We weigh your items are are ready to pay you right then and there.

Hear Your Offer and Collect Your Payment

Once you accept the offer, we issue your payment right away. No need to wait for a check in mail. We will never pressure you to accept our offer, so take your time if you need to and we encourage you to shop around. That way, you understand that we offer some of the highest payouts around. On the other hand, if you decide to accept our offer you receive your payment on-the-spot.

We look to take the hassle and headache out of the gold-selling process. Bring your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and more to Crown Gold Exchange!

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