School is Almost in Session!

Back to school shopping is just around the corner!

Every August parents start heading to the stores to get their kids ready for the first day of the school year. Alongside this comes budgeting headaches for many families. However, we at Crown Gold Exchange have the answer! Get some extra back to school spending money by selling your old, unwanted gold, silver, jewelry, and more to us. Fish out that old gold watch you never wear. Bring us that pair of earrings with the small gems because you have a better, brighter pair. Whatever little trinkets or pieces you have, we want to see them.

School Starting Tips

To ease the problematic transition from summer, we have collected a few tips for our readers.

1. Take inventory. It is never smart to rush off to the store without knowing what you need. You typically don’t head to the grocery store without checking out what is missing from the fridge. Similarly, your kids may have leftover supplies and fitting clothes from the previous year.

2. Stay organized. Now that you will have another strict schedule for the kids to be on, it is important to keep track of things. Organize your events, their events, assignments, and daily chores to reduce stress and confusion.

3. Get them back to bed. At this point the kids may be enjoying a very different sleep schedule due to the summer. As a result, this may affect the first days of the school year. Incidentally, a good rule of thumb is starting them back on the school time sleep schedule 2 weeks ahead of the first day.

4. Meal prep. Rather than wake up every morning to make lunch, transition to a weekly meal prep system. On Sundays lay out your menu and make the lunches that everyone needs for the week. This will reduce the chaotic morning rush. Moreover, you can even get the kids in the kitchen to help out and learn about cooking.

These are just a few tips to ease your end of summer transition. For more, go to To find your nearest Crown Gold Exchange location, visit our website and check out all the different items we will buy from you!

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