Silver’s Many Uses

Silver is a crucial part to your daily life, you just might not know it.

Traditional Silver Uses

Many people think of rings, necklaces, and cutlery when they think of silver. You may have some of these items on you at the moment you are reading this. Its beautiful shine makes it a natural choice for making dazzling jewelry and silverware. Along with the shine, its malleability allows for the easy manipulation of the metal.

Seeking a Place in Your Piggy Bank

Silver has a rich history linked to currency. In fact, people used silver coins for hundreds of years due to its less costly nature. As time went on, people transitioned into a paper money system with coins made of other materials. However, silver and gold stood as a standard upon which this new currency was valued.

Harnessing the Power of the Sun

A common use for this multipurpose metal today and in the future is for solar energy. The metal is invaluable for the capture and storage of solar energy that we currently use and will continue to use. As for how this is accomplished, solar panel manufacturers utilize a conductive silver paste when making photovoltaic cells.

Overall, these are just some of the many uses for this remarkable metal. Next time you see a ring in a store window, think of all the other things that piece of metal can accomplish. If you have any extra silver lying around, bring it to your nearest Crown Gold Exchange location! To learn more about the many uses of this incredible metal, check out this article from

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