Trade Your Way to Paradise!

Summer is here!

As the temperature rises, so does your craving for a vacay. Why not take a break from work and visit that beautiful locale you’ve been dreaming of? Get some extra spending cash for your vacation by visiting your nearest Crown Gold Exchange.

Everyone has some extra jewelry they don’t wear anymore. Maybe you lost an earring and the matching one is just sitting around. Maybe you have a gold ring from an old flame that you never wear. Or maybe you have some old coins from your grandparents that are just sitting around. Bring that to us to us and get paid!

Don’t know where you’d like to travel? We have a suggestion. Travel and Leisure has listed Valle de Guadalupe as one of the top places to visit this year and it’s only 80 miles south from San Diego! This Mexican wine region is home to some delicious blends that can’t be exported so your chance to taste them lies here. That sounds like an excellent weekend or extended vacation.

Make some unforgettable memories by selling your unwanted gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, and more to Crown Gold Exchange!

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