3 Reasons to Sell Your Gold Jewelry

Do you need cash for some home or auto repairs? Maybe you would like to take a vacation but are short on funds. You may be able to get the money you need when you sell gold jewelry. In fact, here are three good reasons to consider selling today.

1. The Price of Gold

In August of 2019, gold was about $1500 per ounce. This price is as high as it has been since 2013. If you look at a chart with gold prices, you can see how it fluctuates, and it may go down soon. Now is a good time to sell gold jewelry because you may get a lot less in the near future.

2. In Need of Repairs

Do you have a gold watch which does not keep time? It is not doing anyone any good if it just sits there broken. You may plan to get it fixed “someday” but someday may never arrive. Do you have a ring which needs resetting or a bracelet with a dodgy clasp? Unless you really want to fix these things, it may be best to sell them and get some cash for things you and your family need.

3. Pay Off Some Bills

Do you owe money on a charge card bill? Even if it is just $500, it could take years to pay it off by only paying the credit card company the minimum payment each month. If you pay off the bill now, you can save a lot in interest payments, and you have more money for other things. Also, when you pay off a charge card, it may raise your credit rating, and you may qualify for a new car loan.

To see how easy it is to sell gold jewelry for cash, contact the Crown Gold Exchange in Southern California by calling 855-465-3951 today.

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