Before You Sell Your Silverware – Helpful Tips

Did someone leave some elegant silverware to you in his or her will? Perhaps you have a set which you never use, and some extra cash could make a difference in your life. You can sell your silverware and get a fair price if you follow these helpful tips from your cash for gold and silver experts at Crown Gold Exchange.

Check Your Silver

Many kinds of silverware are only silver plated. These things are not usually worth a lot of money. They are often marked as silver plated, or you may see the letters “EPNS,” and this stands for”electroplated nickel silver”. Nickel is a common alloy mixed with silver. It may look like real silver, but it is just plating.

Choose Your Source Carefully

You may sell your silverware to a number of businesses or individuals. Many can give you fast cash, but not all businesses are going to give you a fair deal. For example, most pawn shops buy things like jewelry and silverware, but they may pay you less than fifty cents on the dollar for the real value. Pawnshops are a good place to buy silverware but may not be the best places for selling.

You can list your things in an online auction and might get top dollar. However, there is a good chance you may have to take much less than you expected. Some items may not sell, and in the meantime, you still may be short on cash.

To get a good deal when you sell your silverware, come to Crown Gold Exchange in Southern California. We specialize in buying silver, gold, platinum, diamonds, and coins. We can tell you the approximate value of your things, and you can have the cash you need within minutes, most of the time. Call us today at 855-465-3951 for more details.

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