Cash for Silver – Is the Silver Real or Fake?

Do you have some silver items at home which are just sitting in a drawer and not being used? Maybe you could use some extra money, and getting cash for your silver seems like a good idea. Yet, you may run into a problem if the things you wish to sell look like silver but are in fact, just a silver alloy. Here are some ways you can tell if your silver is legit.


Sterling silver is ninety-two and one-half percent pure silver. The other seven and one-half percent is made from alloys. If your piece is stamped with the word “Sterling,” it means it is of high-quality. It also may have a stamp “925” which means it is 92.5 percent pure, which is sterling silver.

Just because something is stamped with “sterling or “925,” does not always mean it is legit. Some items are forged, and the stamp on the bottom means very little when you try to get cash for silver.


Do you have a piece of silver jewelry which turned your skin green? Green skin usually means the piece is made from cheap metal. In fact, copper can turn your skin a shade of green.

Green is not a color associated with silver. For instance, you can do an “acid test” to see if your things are made from silver. Put a drop or two of nitric acid on a silver item. You may need to make a slight scratch. If you see green, then your item is not sterling silver.

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