Visit Crown Gold Exchange To Get The Money You Need Today

Whether you need money to help pay bills or spend a weekend in Vegas, you want to make sure that you get it from a reliable and trustworthy company. One of the best ways to get the money you need today is by visiting Crown Gold Exchange. 

We offer a wide range of services at nine locations throughout the Inland Empire to help you meet your financial needs. Are you wondering how we can help you? Read on to learn everything you need to know about what we buy from customers. 

We Buy Gold!

If you have gold lying around, you could have thousands of dollars in money collecting dust. Why keep jewelry that you never wear when you could come to Crown Gold Exchange and trade it in for the money you need?

We buy all types of gold, from pendants, charms, or bangles to engagement, wedding, and class rings, scrap gold, watches, and more! If it’s gold, we want it. As of February 2020, gold prices are well above $1,500/oz, meaning there hasn’t been a better time to sell gold in the past seven years. 

Most people get gold and hold onto it without selling because they think they’ll either wear it at some point or that they’ll sell it at the right time and make a killing. In reality, the best time to sell is when the prices are high like they are now. It’s far more likely that the prices will drop before you sell it or that you’ll forget about it, meaning you’ll have money sitting in a box instead of money that could work for you now. 

Gold prices fluctuate based on a number of factors, many of which are outside of people’s control. International instability, the value of the dollar, and supply and demand all play a major role in the price of gold. These factors all play a complicated role in the price of gold, making it difficult to predict what prices will do in the future. It’s best to cash in while the prices remain high. 

Our experts will evaluate your gold, offer you a fair price, and cut you a check. If you decide not to sell, we won’t pressure you. The gold is yours until you sign the paperwork and get the check. We work hard to make sure that you don’t feel pressured into doing anything you don’t want to do. 

The best part is that when you come into our store, you don’t have to worry about us taking your gold in the back to evaluate it. We do everything in front of our customers so that they can ask questions. We believe in transparency and will take the time to explain to you what we’re looking for. An informed customer is a happy customer. 

Bring your gold into one of our locations today to see what we can offer you. From the minute you walk through our doors, you’ll discover why we take pride in our customer service!

You Can Sell Silver

We have the word gold in our name, but we accept more than that when doing business. One of the most popular things customers like to sell is silver. 

You can bring your silver jewelry or silverware into us to see what it’s worth. While silver prices aren’t as high as gold, most people are pleasantly surprised by the amount of money they get by selling us their unused silver. 

Many of our customers bring us pieces from their personal collection. They’ll also find cheap silver at yard sales or discount sales and bring it to us to see if they can make a profit. We’ll take all of it and offer you the fairest prices in the Inland Empire. 

We take the same approach of transparency when evaluating silver: we do it right in front of you so that we can answer any questions you have. If your silver jewelry has any stones in it, we’ll buy those as well. If we can verify the piece’s authenticity, we’ll pay more for popular items from Tiffany & Co, Lilly Barrack, Effy, and more. 

We also buy pieces from Navajo and Navi tribes designers. Most silver jewelry will have a stamp that says “.925” or “sterling,” but sometimes this stamp has worn off so that you can’t see it. 

Because of its weight, the price that customers can get for silverware surprises many of them. We accept both individual pieces and full sets of silverware and will give you fair value for the weight of it.  

If you have jewelry and you aren’t sure whether it’s silver, you can still bring it in and we’ll evaluate it for you. We’ll never pressure you to sell, but we will make sure that you know your options. 


Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and one of our favorite things to buy. When you sell your diamonds, you need to find a professional team that knows how to properly evaluate them. You need a business that you can trust. Here at Crown Gold Exchange, we will buy your diamonds regardless of their shape, size, or condition. 

A lot of people think that their diamonds need to be in perfect condition for us to buy them, but that isn’t true. We evaluate a diamond’s 4 C’s: cut, color, carat weight, and clarity. 

A diamond’s clarity refers to the number of blemishes and inclusions. These are irregularities on the interior and exterior of a diamond. A diamond without any blemishes or inclusions is extremely rare. Often, there’s a trade-off between size and clarity. Smaller diamonds have higher clarity, while larger ones have more. 

The diamond’s cut represents the dimension and proportion of a diamond. Every seller cuts their diamonds in round, princess, pear, and other cut types. The skill with which sellers make these cuts determines the cut value. Diamonds with higher cut values reflect light better, giving them a more dazzling appearance. 

The carat weight is the weight of the diamond, with 1 carat = 1/5 of a gram. Carats also get broken up into hundredths, called points. A 1.15-carat diamond is 1 carat and 15 points. The more carats a diamond is, the more valuable it is, but the value is not proportionate. Larger diamonds are more rare, meaning that a 2-carat diamond is more than twice as valuable as a 1-carat diamond (depending on the other C’s), whereas a 3-carat diamond is more than three times as valuable as a 1-carat diamond.  

The color refers to, you guessed it, the color. If a diamond looks clear, it almost always has a trace amount of brown or yellow. The less color and more clear a diamond is, the more value it has. Diamonds come in all colors, including red, blue, etc, but clear diamonds are more valuable. 

We will accept your diamonds whether they’re attached to jewelry or loose. Diamond buying is difficult if the business you sell to doesn’t have people that understand what makes them special. You can trust that our experts have the skills necessary to evaluate your diamonds. They are certified through GIA, meaning that you’ll always receive a fair and accurate quote. 

We can handle large or small quantities. If you aren’t sure if something is a real diamond, you can also bring it to us. If it isn’t real, you’ll get it back, no harm no foul. If it is real, we’ll give you a fair offer and let you decide whether to sell it or keep it!

We Accept Coins

Do you have coins in your home that take up space and that you’ll never lose? We accept all domestic and foreign coins made from gold, silver, and platinum. These include American Gold Eagle and American Gold Buffalo coins, gold liberty head, buffalo, and St. Gaudens type coins, and more. 

If you have a coin that you believe to be rare and worth more than the metal it consists of, these are called numismatic coins

These coins are valuable for a number of reasons. One of the main reasons they hold value is because of their rarity. Coins that were produced in small numbers and in certain locations are worth more than their face value. For example, a $1 Silver Morgan Dollar minted in Carson City is worth a lot of money, depending on its condition. 

The condition depends on any flaws and the cleanliness of the coin. We grade coins on a scale of 1-70, with 70 being a perfect score and 1 being the worst. While you might feel tempted to clean a coin before bringing it in, this can actually hurt the value. An improperly cleaned coin loses more value than a coin that’s dirty. 

There are also coins that have small errors in them that took place during the minting process. These coins are worth more money than regular coins. For example, the 1990 No Mint Mark Error Lincoln Penny is a rare coin because it’s missing the S mintmark. Collectors have only accounted for 200 of these coins, making them extremely valuable. 

If you have any coins and you aren’t sure of their value, bring them in today. We’ll grade them and let you know if they’re worth money, and you can walk out with a check in hand.

Other Items We Accept

Some of the other items we accept include bars and bullion, dental gold, and platinum jewelry. 

Bullion is a generic term that represents an item that’s traded in the metal used to make it instead of a dollar denomination. For example, a gold bar might say “1 ounce” or “.999 or .9999 fine gold”. The value of the bar is 1 ounce of gold. Bullion comes in silver, platinum, gold, and more. If you have these lying around, bring them in and we’ll give you money for them today. 

Dental gold can include crowns, fillings, or bridges. The gold is typically 16 karat and includes a mixture of silver, platinum, and more. If you’re an individual, we can buy your dental gold even if the tooth is still attached. 

If you’re a dental office, you can make some extra money by bringing us your dental scrap and porcelain fused crowns. We can either pick it up from your office or send you a label so that you can ship it to us. This is a great way for dental offices to make extra money to pay bills or upgrade equipment. 

We will also buy your platinum and platinum jewelry no matter it’s condition. You can bring us your new, old, damaged, or antique jewelry and we’ll give you the money you need today. We even accept industrial platinum wire.

How The Process Works

We’ve worked hard to make the process of selling valuables both easy and transparent. The process doesn’t take long and is easy. 

First, gather up everything that you want to sell. The more you bring, the better! We’re well equipped to handle large quantities and can cut you a check for any amount. Bringing it all in at one time will improve your chances of getting more money. 

Once you come in, you’ll get greeted by a friendly staff member. You just have to place your valuables down on the table and we’ll start the evaluation process. We do everything right in front of you so that your items never leave your sight. You don’t have to wonder what we’re doing with your stuff. 

If you have any questions about what we’re doing, feel free to ask. We’ll let you know what we’re testing and why so that you aren’t left in the dark. 

From there, we’ll establish a value and make you an offer for your goods. We’ll never pressure you to take the money; the decision is completely up to you! If you accept, we’ll cut you a check on the spot and you can walk out with the money you need. It’s that easy!

Most of the time you can be in and out of our store in a short time, but this depends on how much you bring in. If you bring more in, you’ll have to wait longer, but you’ll also leave with more money, so it’s worth it. 

Why Use Crown Gold Exchange? 

We understand that when you use a gold exchange, you’re placing your trust in that business. That’s why we take our responsibility seriously. We do everything we can to earn and maintain your trust through the process because we rely on customers like you to come back to see us. 

How do we build and maintain trust? Here are a few of the things that separate Crown Gold Exchange from other businesses. 

We Make It Easy To Get The Money You Need

As described above, our process is straightforward and easy. You bring us your items, we evaluate them, and we cut you a check that day. You’ll leave right away with the money you need. 

We also have nine locations to serve you throughout the Inland Empire. No matter where you are, you’re only a short drive or bus ride away from one of our stores. 


Whenever you bring your items into our store, we do everything right in front of you. We’ll take the time to let you know what we’re doing, what it means, and why it’s important. Unlike other gold exchanges that want you to mail your items in so that they can run tests in secret, we want our customers to see what’s going on. 

There’s a practical and ethical reason for this. The practical reason is that we want you to trust us. Our business relies on our customers knowing that they’re getting a fair and honest assessment and offer. Without that, they won’t come back. 

We have many customers that come to see us often, from people who find new jewelry to sell to people who find unique items in storage containers and at yard sales. They often tell us the same thing: they come to us because they know that they’ll get the best offers from us and because they respect our process. 

The ethical reason is simple: it’s your stuff! We treat your items the way we would want someone to treat ours. Anything you bring in still belongs to you until the time you sign the paperwork and agree to a price. You should never take your items to a business (or mail them somewhere) that makes you agree to terms that take away your rights to ownership. 

The Best Prices 

One of the benefits of having well-trained experts is that they know what to look for when evaluating your gold, diamonds, silver, and more. We make sure that our team members know exactly what to look for when evaluating items so that they can offer the best prices in California. 

Unlike other locations like pawn shops, our team focuses on a small number of items. We don’t take electronics, furniture, and everything else people bring in. We specialize in what we know. This means that you’ll get better offers for what you bring to us. It also means that we can evaluate your items faster.  


We opened our first location in 2010 with the belief that as long as we were transparent, honest, and showed our customers the respect they deserve we would grow. One year later, we went from one location to seven. We would then make a deal with Daniel Jewelers to expand our business to nine locations to better serve the needs of our customers. 

That rapid growth doesn’t happen without a commitment to our customers. Many of our customers today started doing business with us in our original location and continue to come to us, which is a testament to the relationship we build with anyone that walks through our doors. 

You know that a business doesn’t stay open in the Inland Empire for a decade without providing good service to customers. Our growth and experience show that we understand and meet the needs of anyone that’s looking for money for gold. We know that our future success depends on our ability to maintain our high standards and make our customers happy.  

You Don’t Have To Wait For Your Money 

Unlike some other gold exchanges, you don’t have to wait for your money. You’ll have a check in your hand before you leave our store instead of having to wait for days or weeks to get one mailed to you. Depending on how busy we are and what you bring in, we could have a check for you in minutes!

Since we provide a no-pressure environment for our customers, you don’t have to worry about feeling like you have to accept our offer. We’re more than happy to have you come in, see what we offer, and go from there. 

Get The Money You Need Today!

Are you ready to turn some of your valuables into money? Come see us at Crown Gold Exchange today! We have nine locations to serve you and will provide you with a friendly, fast, and no-pressure experience. You can get money now for things that are just lying around your house.

You can get the money you need today and spend it however you choose. Gather up your gold, silver, platinum, and coins and come down to see us today. You can also contact us today if you have any questions!

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