What’s the Best Jewelry Appraisal Near Me? 10 Questions to Ask

Are you wondering how much your jewelry is worth?

Maybe you inherited a collection of rings, chains and baubles from a loved one, and you’re curious about their value. Or, perhaps you’re cleaning out your jewelry box and are ready to get rid of items you haven’t used in a while — and make some extra cash along the way.

Either way, a professional jewelry appraiser can help you assess and better understand what you own. 

Yet, not all experts in this realm are created alike. Before you trust your valuables to anyone, it’s important to ensure that you’re working with a reputable, honest appraiser who will deliver an accurate report.

Are you wondering, “What’s the best jewelry appraisal near me?” If so, read on. 

Today, we’re sharing 10 important questions to ask any prospective appraiser. By holding this brief interview, you can be confident that you’re working with a skilled authority who you can trust to deliver the answers you need.

  1. Is This the Best Price?

Before you begin the appraisal process, it’s important to remember one key fact: With a few exceptions, jewelry is largely a depreciating asset.

This means that it’s unlikely that you’ll receive as much cash for your gold, silver or diamonds as you spent when you first paid for them at the jewelry store. Rather than expecting a 1:1 return, consider the accuracy of the price presented, instead.

Prior to visiting an appraiser, take the time to do a little background research, first. Check to see what your jewelry (or similar items) are currently going for on online marketplaces, including:

  • eBay
  • Craigslist
  • OfferUp
  • Local gold buyers
  • Local jewelry stores
  • Local pawn shops

The numbers you see will understandably vary, but they should all be within the same general price range. Once you have this in mind, you can assess whether or not the appraiser you use is giving you an accurate price. 

If the price is ultra-low, it could be the sign of a scam. While the market for used jewelry isn’t as strong as other sectors, there are still buyers who would be interested in procuring your items. Before accepting any menial price or low-ball offer, compare it against the numbers you previously gathered. 

If the appraised price is far beyond what you expected, it could speak to the appraiser’s lack of industry knowledge and experience. It could also indicate that there isn’t a dedicated, step-by-step process in place to determine the true value of your items. 

Or, you could truly have a piece that’s worth far more than you expected. For instance, what you believed to be costume jewelry might be the real deal. In either case, it’s worth getting a second opinion to double-check the accuracy of any offer that seems disproportionately low or high. 

Our team at Crown Gold Exchange has several reliable measures in place to ensure that we are providing the fairest, most accurate price possible. At every appraisal, we will analyze the following components before delivering a formal offer:

  • The karat of your items
  • The weight of your items
  • The daily price of gold, determined by the London Fix Price

By assessing all of these factors, we can determine what your fine assets are truly worth. Our employees are not commissioned for purchasing your gold. As such, they aren’t incentivized to purchase it for less than industry or company guidelines. This means you’re guaranteed a fair and honest payout.

  1. Is Your Facility Secure?

Regardless of the value of your own items, remember that a jewelry appraiser regularly interacts with expensive, highly treasured pieces. 

As such, their facility should be private and discreet. It should also feature state-of-the-art security resources that make you feel safe and secure as soon as you walk in. Pay close attention to every detail, starting immediately after you enter.

For instance, are appraisal transactions conducted in the middle of the store itself? If so can casual browsers walk in off the street during your appraisal? Or, are the doors locked during the transaction? 

The door should lock behind you, and the appraisal itself should take place in privacy. At Crown Gold Exchange, we keep our doors locked at all times to help our customers feel safe.

Any facility you use should do the same. Otherwise, you could become susceptible to theft, as pawn shops and appraisal facilities tend to be common targets for criminal activity. 

Look for appraisers that work by private appointment only to avoid any unexpected and risky surprises. There are also some that offer the option for online appraisals, so you never have to worry about curious shoppers sneaking a peek at your most valuable items. At Crown gold Exchange we can make a private in-home appointment if you choose. 

  1. How Easy Is the Process?

You shouldn’t have to jump through hoops and walk through fire just to get an honest jewelry appraisal. In addition, you shouldn’t have to pay for the appraisal service itself. We offer free, expert jewelry appraisals, conducted by highly trained and informed buyers. 

The team you work with should make the process as easy and straightforward as possible. At Crown Gold Exchange, we’re dedicated to creating a seamless and effortless experience for all of our customers. Our entire appraisal process only takes between five and 10 minutes.

How does it work?

Simply bring in any jewelry you want appraised, including any items that you believe to be gold. When we receive the lot, we can separate all of the items by karat. 

If we can buy anything, we will make you a no-obligation offer. If there’s anything we can’t buy, we’ll give it back to you. It should always be as simple as that. 

Be wary of any appraiser that requires you to sign a lengthy contract or agree to complicated terms before appraising your items. Unless you read the fine print carefully, you could be agreeing to specifications that put you and your valuables at risk. 

  1. Is the Interaction Natural and Enjoyable?

Any appraiser you work with should put you at ease from the second you initiate an interaction. You should feel comfortable sharing your jewelry, and free to ask any questions you might have. 

We understand this can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you’re bringing in special jewelry that holds emotional as well as monetary value. As such, we’re focused on making the entire appraisal process as enjoyable and pleasant as possible.

When you make an appointment with Crown Gold Exchange, you’ll work one-on-one with our gold buyer. This ensures a personal experience that honors the significance of your items. 

We will not pressure you into accepting an offer, nor will we rush the process. We understand that this can be a sensitive and poignant journey, and we’re here to help you through it. 

Before agreeing to work with any appraiser, take note of the way your initial conversations and interactions are held. Do you feel hurried or disrespected in any way? Are the associates harsh and impersonal? 

If you’re nodding your head, consider redirecting your search elsewhere. You deserve a team that will place as much importance on the transaction as you do.

  1. Can I Back Out?

What happens if you bring your gold or other jewelry to an appraiser, complete the appraisal process, and then decide that you want to keep your items after all?

Remember: These are your pieces. You should be allowed to maintain ownership of them, even after you hire an appraiser to assess their value. 

Look for a team that makes it easy to say “no” if you decide to turn down an offer. You should never feel pressured to accept any proposal, regardless of the number. 

Our team at Crown Gold Exchange delivers a no-pressure approach to every transaction we conduct. If you decide to sell all of your items, we’ll work with you to buy the ones we can accept. If you only want to sell a portion of the lot, that’s OK too! Or, if you decide to hold on to everything, you’re absolutely welcome to do so.

We won’t put you on any sort of deadline or timeframe. Nor will we use shady, underhanded techniques to change your mind. We are on your schedule, and ready when you are. 

If another appraiser requires a lightning-quick decision, it could be a sign that they’re only out for your money. They might know that they’re offering you a too-low offer and want to secure the transaction before you find out. Then, they’ll turn around and resell your items for a price that’s far beyond what they paid.

  1. Will Your Appraisal Process Damage My Jewelry?

You should be privy to every step that your jewelry will go through during the appraisal process. There are some appraisers who will handle your items harshly or aggressively, which could result in irreversible damage.

We will let you know what we are doing with every step we take, making sure you understand every detail in full. We also follow procedures that ensure the utmost protection to your items, avoiding any approaches that could damage or otherwise impact your jewelry.

Before you select an appraiser, ask about their process, including the tools and techniques they will use. This includes making sure that their scales are properly calibrated. Accurate ones will display a sticker showing that they have been professionally calibrated by your state’s Department of Weights and Measures

Above all else, there should be an emphasis on transparency and visibility.

Be aware of ones that will take your gold and immediately begin filing into it without permission. A reputable and reliable professional will require your authorization before even touching your valuables, and will ensure that you are completely briefed on the measures they use. 

While some might need to take a sample of your gold before making a formal offer, they should never extract that sample without your expressed permission. After all, if you decide not to sell your jewelry in the end, you don’t want to file into it just yet.

If you do authorize the action, they then proceed to file and test your gold right in front of you, so you’re aware of everything they are doing. Don’t let anyone take your gold to a separate room or “in the back”, even for a brief moment. This isn’t a necessary step and will leave you feeling vulnerable and uncomfortable. 

  1. When Will I Get Paid?

Think twice about partnering with any appraiser that makes you wait to receive payment. A qualified team will have the funds on hand to pay you immediately. 

Any sort of lag time between the appraisal and payment could be a sign of questionable business practices. Especially if you hand over your jewelry and agree to come back later for payment, that gives the appraiser plenty of time to take off with your items, with zero intent to ever pay you for them. 

If you team with an appraiser that offers a mail-in service, the entire transaction should be ultra-secure. The appraiser should be able to offer insurance on your package, as well as tracking at every touchpoint. They should also provide clear instructions on how to package and ship your items to ensure maximum security. Then, when they receive your package, they should open it under surveillance. 

Our team is dedicated to providing top-notch, in-person buying and selling services. Every part of the transaction is visible and secure, resulting in an immediate payout that allows you to walk away with funds on the same day, rather than waiting days to receive what you’re owed.

  1. How Will I Get Paid?

If the appraiser only offers a few payment choices, make sure you’re comfortable with them before agreeing to those terms. 

A few of the most common payment methods include:

  • Check
  • Cash
  • Wire transfer
  • Venmo
  • PayPal
  • Cash App
  • Zelle

There isn’t necessarily a right or wrong way to get paid, but you should feel confident and secure in the transaction. Rather than simply shelling over money, the selling process should be professional and highly documented. A legitimate gold buyer will need proof of your identity before paying you, requiring that you provide your:

  • Signature
  • Identification card
  • Thumbprint

Just as you want to ensure a secure agreement, any reliable appraiser will want the same. If these steps and documents are not required, it could be a sign that the team is operating illegally and is trying to avoid creating a record trail. 

Another tip to keep in mind? Be careful any time you request a cash payment, and be cautious working with any appraiser that only pays this way.

If the appraisal team is malicious, there could be someone waiting outside the facility, ready to accost you for the funds. A premium appraisal team will most likely not offer a cash payment, as it is recognized as one of the most vulnerable, untraceable ways to transfer money. With a physical check, wire transfer or digital, app-based transaction, there will be a record of the deal that you can access in the future as required.

  1. Do You Have a Physical Location? 

You should be able to visit the gold buying location before you commit to using their services. When you set an appointment, this will give you a chance to meet the team and get a closer look at the tools they will use to perform the appraisal. During this time, you can also ask questions and learn every step of the process.

Today, many appraisers will have an option on their website that allows you to request a digital appraisal if preferred. However, under no circumstance should you sell your gold to a team that only has an online store, with no brick-and-mortar presence.

Any service advertised as “Mobile-Only” is a major red flag. To be recognized as a licensed gold buyer, the team must have an active, up-to-date business license. You cannot obtain this type of license without a physical location.

In addition to a general operating license, you should also request proof that the appraiser is licensed by your city, as well as the Department of Justice (DOJ) in your state. You can also check with your local police station to ensure that they are licensed through them and are a reputable business.

If you avoid these steps and work with a mobile-only appraiser, that could mean trusting your jewelry to an unlicensed business. It’s unlikely that these providers will follow industry best practices and they are not recognized as an expert in this realm. 

In many cases, these strictly-digital businesses will employ bloggers and social media influencers to promote their services. While it’s helpful to read online reviews about any business you patronize, be especially wary about basing your opinion solely off of these recommendations. Usually, these influencers are paid to deliver glowing reviews of a product or service. They get a kickback every time they issue a referral or you click on one of their links. Then, they’ll ultimately receive a percentage of any items that you sell.

  1. How Does the Offer Process Work?

Did the appraiser ask you, “What do you want for this?” If so, consider that your sign to visit a different team for a fairer price. Allowing you to set the bar could mean they’re looking to see how low you will go, and will likely wind up delivering an even-lower proposal.

Another way you can discern if their business practices are solid? Look closely at how they react when you turn down an initial offer. If you issue a refusal and get up to leave, does their offer suddenly double or triple in value? If that’s the case, they were trying to rip you off with their first price. It shouldn’t take threatening to walk out the door for you to get the accurate offer you deserve.

Another warning sign is an appraiser that offers you one price over the telephone, but then lowers the offer when you visit in person. Any fluctuation points to the fact that they aren’t following industry-defined standards when completing your appraisal.

A reputable appraiser will always make the first offer, without the need to ask you the amount of money that you prefer. Of course, you will always want as much money as you can make for your items. Yet, unless you’re an expert in this space, it’s easy to undervalue the worth of what you possess. 

Dishonest appraisers know this, and will use your inexperience against you, and to their advantage. At Crown Gold Exchange, we always lead with our best offer, so you never have to wonder if the price we’re offering you is fair. 

What’s the Best Jewelry Appraisal Near Me? Visit Us to Find Out

Did you make the decision to have your jewelry professional appraised? If so, you naturally want to trust your valuables to a team that has an excellent reputation for honesty, integrity and professionalism.

While it’s tempting to accept the first offer you receive, it’s worth taking the time to ask, “What’s the best jewelry appraisal near me?” At the end of the day, you want to partner with a team that’s industry-recognized, licensed, and trusted by your local community.

If you’re in Southern California, we’d love to be that resource for you. We operate 10 different physical storefronts around this region and we’ve long been the area’s to-go resource for expert appraisal services. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services and find the location nearest you.

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