Where Is the Best Place to Sell Gold? The Ultimate Guide

Have you struck treasure or just been cleaning out your jewelry box?

If so, you might be looking for the best place to sell gold. Gold has played a huge role in currency historically, so it should be handled with care and brought to the best place for exchange.

But where do you begin when selling gold? Are there specifics you should know regarding how to sell gold? 

Well, you’ve arrived at the right place – consider this your ultimate guide to finding the best gold buyer around. Let’s dive into the top things you should be considering in your search for a place to sell your coins, jewelry, or bars. 

What to Consider When Finding the Best Place to Sell Gold

Avoid a crazy gold buyer and make secure and stress-free transactions by reading on for our key tips to finding the best place to sell gold. 

Buyer Platform Options 

There are many different buyer platforms out there when it comes to selling gold.

Now, you can sell your gold online or in person at a local gold exchange. It’s really all about preference because there are pros and cons to both options. 

Selling gold online is easy to do from the comfort of your home, but you have to put a lot more trust into the person you are selling to. Of course, there are precautions you can take to avoid that and a very small chance that you will actually get scammed from selling gold online. 

The other option is to locate and travel to a gold exchange location in your area and sell your gold in person. This way you can have a face to face interaction with the person who is assessing how much your gold is worth and personally see the process they are going through to analyze and price it. 

There’s also the option of going to a pawn shop in your area and seeing if you can get a deal for your gold there. This option is a little bit riskier because pawn shops are seen as less professional compared to stores that are dedicated to gold exchange. 

Each choice has its bargains, but it really comes down to what is more attractive and convenient for you and your needs. 

Type of Gold You’re Selling

Next, you should be somewhat familiar with the kind of gold that you’re selling. This mainly means that you should have a basic understanding of what your gold is and where it comes from. 

This information is important especially when it comes to the next step as well, so here are the basics you should have down when you come across gold that you might want to sell: 

How old is it? How long has it been in your family? What was it used for? 

Is it real gold? Is your item solid gold or just plated with gold? 

Knowing these questions will set you up well when it comes to choosing a place to sell your gold because it will help the professional buyer understand the gold’s history and also show them that you’re aware of where your gold has come from. 

Know Your Gold’s Worth 

Knowing your gold’s worth, or having a good estimate of its worth, will also help you find the best place to sell your gold. This knowledge will help you know if a place is trying to buy your gold at a lower price compared to the actual price of your gold. 

An online gold price calculator can be useful here if you want to do the work on your own. However, another indicator of a good place to sell your gold (in person) is if the place you want to sell to is willing to walk you through the gold pricing process. 

That way you can see the buyer doing all of their work in front of you, increasing the credibility of the gold exchange place you’ve chosen. In fact, while we’re talking about credibility… 

Company Credibility  

One of the key ways to know if you’ve found the best place to sell gold is in the company’s credibility. Places that have good reviews are easy to trust because people have put in the effort to share their positive experiences. 

Other ways you can assess a company’s credibility are through licensing, scale calibration, and BBB ratings. 

All gold buyers must be licensed and have calibrated scales, so make sure you’re selling to a licensed buyer whose scale has been inspected and meets calibration requirements. A positive Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating is also a great way to tell if a company is trustworthy.

You can also determine the credibility of a company based on how much it’s grown and how long it’s been around. A gold exchange that has stood the test of time, and even grown to expand its locations is the mark of a company that knows what it’s doing and has done it well enough to reach other places. 

Finally, a company that has versatile experience in other precious metals like silver, platinum, and jewels like diamonds also demonstrate credibility. If they know what they’re doing with other expensive items, they’re also more likely to know what they’re doing with your gold, too. 

Doing your research will pay off and ultimately play the biggest role in preventing you from losing money when selling your gold. Not to mention providing you with a positive experience at the same time!

Don’t Get Fooled: Sell Your Gold Hassle-Free

We get it—selling gold can be a little intimidating. But thanks to these four tips, you won’t have to feel that fear when you need to make some cash! 

Whether it’s to put away and save or to use for a fun vacation, choosing the best place to sell gold will make all the difference. So if you’ve been wondering what you need to do, we have you covered. 

Ready to sell your gold and make some money for it?

Contact us today to schedule an easy and enjoyable process at any of our locations in Southern California!

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